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Why You Should Learn Affiliate Marketing


In this article we are going to look at why you should learn affiliate marketing.

Anyone learning this topic will need to acquire and become proficient with a range of skills.

These skills can be applied to other online ventures other than affiliate marketing.

With the growth of online commerce it is becoming ever more important, if not essential, to learn this skill set.

The Growth Of E-Commerce.


Before we get into the meat of this article we should take into consideration that E-commerce is growing at a phenomenal rate and is not likely to slow down anytime soon.

With the widespread use of smart phones and the integration of social media and online payment platforms, it has become normal, and convenient to shop online.

Often the prices are cheaper and also there is often a far wider choice of products within online inventories.

This brief video from the JPMorgan YouTube channel gives a great overview of E-commerce and also highlights that large investment companies are very confident in its future.


Why This Matters To You


As you can see, the future of online integration for businesses is not only bright but essential.

Any company that wishes to compete today simply has to have a robust online presence for their brand and products.

Neglecting this is not only, quite frankly stupid, it is also leaving a lot of potential revenue on the table and also giving a huge competitive edge to other companies within their field.


The ability to market products direct to consumers on their smartphones and ship globally is an opportunity like no other in history for businesses.


You can take advantage of this in many ways, but here we will address what are in my opinion, the three main factors you should consider very carefully.

Most Major Companies Now Have Affiliate Programs.


If you have ever clicked a link to a product on a blog or someone’s social media, the chances are that you have earned the person who posted the link money.

Sound crazy?

It’s a fact that most people do not realize.


Affiliate marketing is a huge industry worth billions of dollars per year.


There are many people making a living simply from posting links to products.


A very simple overview is this.


A person has a decent following on social media.

They join a supplement affiliate program that pays, let’s say 10%, on any sales referred through the links.

The person finds a supplement in the affiliate program that they personally enjoy and write a review.

They include their affiliate links within the review content and post it on their social media.

A portion of their followers go through the link and end up buying the supplement.

The person who posted the link gets 10% of everything they buy from that site that day.

The person has a huge following and several thousand people end up purchasing the supplement via the link in one day.

I’ll let you consider the kind of revenue we are talking about…

So as you can imagine, it can be very lucrative to learn and implement the skills related to affiliate marketing.

I have written an article here that goes into greater detail on the concepts described above.




What is affiliate marketing – Explained


Starting Your Own Business Or Improving It’s Online Presence.


A lot of people now are starting their own online businesses or are seeking to increase the results of their existing business.


As described above, the sheer scope of E-commerce is significant, if not staggering.

For any business, new or established, to neglect the potential of E-commerce is simply insane.


If you are considering starting an online venture or are seeking to improve your businesses online presence, you can learn a LOT from the affiliate marketing skill set.


Affiliate marketers have to learn SEO (search engine optimization) in order to get their content to rank high in search engines so they get visitors to the content.

Known as “traffic”, these visitors produce the affiliates income by clicking through their links and purchasing products and services.

So it is in the affiliates interests to get as high as they can in search engine results, such as Google, in order to get as much traffic as possible to their content.

SEO is a very deep and broad topic and is constantly evolving as search engines evolve in order to provide better results for their users.

After all, when you type a search into Google, do you want the best and most relevant information?


As you can imagine, search engine results produce money, so competition for first page result ranks is extremely high.


Now, as a business owner do you not want to rank as high as you can in search engine results and attract as much traffic to your products as possible?

Then you can learn a lot from the techniques affiliates use for SEO.

It can quite literally transform your business financially.


Affiliates also master the art of social media marketing.

Although you can just post links or pictures of your business and it’s products and hope for the best.

Would it not be better to learn how to attract huge followings and also how to get your posts in front of as many people as possible?


There are many aspects of the skill set that can be used by non affiliates to boost their business presence online.



A Lot Of Jobs Are Starting To Require Online Skills.


As the growth in e-commerce continues to explode, then the demand for people with the skill sets needed grows.


A great example of this is the newspaper and magazine industry.

In the old days, a journalist would type up their report and hand it to the editor.

Now, good journalists realize the importance that SEO and can have on the success of their article.

If you look at most online news sites and magazines now, they are search engine optimized and also have lots of ads etc.

For example, did you know that posting a picture to the page is only half of the battle?

Sure people will see it if your site is popular.

But did you know that by changing the tags on the picture can help it rank in google image search results?

Yet another SEO technique that affiliate marketers use.


Imagine doing this with a companies products!


A lot of companies have realized this and also many other things such as the power of leveraging social media.


If you learn these skills you can actually apply for jobs that pay very well for doing just that.

Did you know there are young entrepreneurs making absolute fortunes charging local business to help them with their SEO and social media marketing campaigns?


Here is a video from the Bella Canvas YouTube Channel.


As you can see, learning the skills related to affiliate marketing can be very beneficial.

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