Why You Need To Learn Affiliate Marketing


In this article we are going to look at why you need to learn affiliate marketing.

The world has changed and is going to continue evolving at a fast pace.

The online world will be at the forefront of this new global economy we find ourselves living in.

This could be one of the most important articles you read today.


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The World Has Changed



The world has been moving towards online shopping at a rapid pace for the last few years.

People used to be hesitant about shopping online.

Now, a growing number actually prefer it.

When the lockdown was put in place, traditional offline businesses across the world found themselves closed down.

Their employees found themselves ordered to stay at home and so did all of the businesses customers.

Many businesses simply could not survive without their daily flow of foot traffic.

Large numbers of people lost their jobs, and therefore their income.


During the lockdown most people spend their time trawling the internet.

Watching videos, reading articles, scrolling through social media.

Anything to pass the time.


Due to businesses being closed, many had no option but to shop online if there was anything they required or desired.

Businesses and individuals that could meet those needs thrived during the lockdown.

As traditional businesses were collapsing, online businesses were experiencing a boom.

Websites did not suffer from lack of customers during the lockdown.

In fact, many shopping sites had surges in their traffic.

A lot of money was made online.

Some are calling it a mini gold rush.


Now the lockdown has ended in most places, offline businesses are facing new challenges.

Due to social distancing measures, many places are finding that foot traffic is down, and are also suffering from the current social unrest.

Many people simply do not feel safe going into city centers due to various incidents being shown in the media.

Combine this with the fear of a second wave outbreak and things are looking grim for many offline businesses.

I personally suspect that many more businesses may be reducing their staffing levels in the coming future and others will simply close altogether.

This will not only affect retail, but all kinds of manufacturers and wholesalers may also find themselves in trouble.

Many are currently working hard on increasing their online sales infrastructure to compensate.



The Online Shopping Boom



As you can see, the potential for a future online shopping boom is rapidly taking shape.

Make no mistake, companies all over the world are working on their online infrastructure as you read this article.

Rumors of a second lockdown are already circulating and Flu season is on the horizon.

Is it going to happen?

I don’t know for certain.

Neither does anyone else.


Although companies will have their infrastructure in place, this is only half of the battle.

They are going to need customers visiting their websites and purchasing their products and services if they wish to survive.

This is where affiliate marketing comes into play.

Companies are going to be heavily reliant on affiliates.

They will be falling over themselves to recruit them.

I suspect future affiliate commissions are going to become very generous as competition between companies reaches fever pitch.


What is Affiliate Marketing?



Affiliate marketing is an established and professional industry that has been in existence for many years.

It is a simple concept.

Affiliates post links to products and receive a commission for any sales generated.




David has a following on social media.

He joins an affiliate program for a famous shopping website.

The program gives him access to special links to the shopping website.

The program pays 10% commission on any referred sales.

The affiliate links has am i.d. embedded that tells the site that David referred the customers.

David posts the links on his social media.

Some of Davids social media followers click on the links and make purchases from the shopping website.

The total amount of sales referred by Davids links over the next few days total up to $6000.

David gets 10% of the $6000.

10% of $6000 = $600.

The company pays David $600 either by check or straight into his bank account.

Sound crazy?


Here are some well known companies that have affiliate programs.


Amazon Affiliate Program

Bass Pro Affiliate Program

Best Buy Affiliate Program

Ebay Affiliate Program

Hotels.com Affiliate Program

Sephora Affiliate Program

Tiffany Affiliate Program


As you can see, some of the most famous companies in the world already have affiliate programs in place.

Affiliate marketing is a huge and professional industry.

It is also very lucrative and set to boom as the world adapts to the current situations I described above.

As more people choose to shop online, more companies will be competing for the surge in revenue.

Affiliate marketing is set to experience a gold rush.

Some people are already making money.

A little extra a month to help with bills.

Others make a living and have replaced their job income.

Top affiliates are making a lot of money.

It all depends on the skill set and dedication of the individual affiliate.


Where Can You Learn Affiliate Marketing?



In the early days of affiliate marketing, there were many pre-packaged course available.

Usually very expensive, and often quickly out of date as the internet evolved.

Many of the courses in the early days were marketed in a very tacky fashion.

“Follow my course and in 6 months you can be living the life you dream of”

Usually spouted by some “Entrepreneur” sitting by a pool with a laptop at a rented mansion as hired models in bikinis wandered past in the background.

Thankfully those days are gone.

Affiliate marketing is a professional industry now that is used by some of the most famous companies in the world.

The companies I listed above would not touch affiliate marketing if it was still in its “tacky” days.

As I described above, many more companies will be implementing affiliate programs as we move forward due to the huge increase in online shopping.

I also expect a rush of people becoming affiliate marketers once word spreads of the money that can be earned.

Especially with the current employment situation.

People will be looking to replace lost jobs or to create income streams just in case their current job ends due to the company closing or downsizing.

People who get in now and learn the skills needed stand the best chance of being in position to earn from this gold rush.

Those that delay will find competition fierce as they go against people who have chosen to learn the skill set now and are already established online.

As with anything, the early bird catches the worm and experience usually triumphs over enthusiasm.


In my opinion, the most professional and comprehensive place to learn affiliate marketing is wealthy affiliate.

It is where I learned, and where I continue to learn new skill sets as they become available.

Unlike the old pre-packaged courses, Wealthy Affiliate is a constantly evolving training platform.

The information is updated daily and the community is active 24 hours a day.

*It has a built in social media platform that allows members to communicate 24 hours a day.

It has step by step training modules and also a vast library of related materials.

A lot of training is also available in video form so that you can watch the training implemented.

Live stream classes are also available.

It is easily the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training I have encountered.



Wealthy Affiliate Information






The world is changing around us.

As the world evolves to deal with the situation we all find ourselves in, businesses and individuals also need to evolve if they wish to survive and thrive financially.

Shopping, entertainment, banking, ordering groceries, and many other aspects of life are increasingly being sought online as opposed to offline.

As the potential for revenue increases, so does the competition for online traffic.

Affiliate Marketers are going to be in high demand in the coming future as companies fight for their share of the online gold rush.

Not everyone will make a fortune.

Some will simply make extra income to help with living expenses and others will create online income streams to protect their income in the event of job loss.

Yes, others will make large amounts of money from affiliate marketing.

But that all depends on the skill set of the individual person and their desire to make money.

The money is there to be made.

The rest is up to you.



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