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Why You Need To Create Your Own Income

The world has changed.

Businesses are struggling and people are being laid off in large numbers.

The global economy is in bad shape and more lay offs and business closures are likely to occur as time goes on.

Many people are finding themselves struggling to find a new job and large numbers of people are chasing the few jobs to be found.

Due to the current situation and various social policies, many businesses are closing their physical locations and increasing their online presence.

This is the perfect time to take advantage of this situation and safe guard your own income.




Job Security And Economy



Make no mistake, millions of people are suffering financially as you read this article.

It is quite possible that you and your family may currently be in a precarious financial position.

Many are, and I fear that more will join them as time goes on.

I want you to ask yourself a simple question.

“If you lost your job or income tomorrow, how long would you last financially?”

Seriously, take a moment and consider your answer to yourself.

Would you be fine, and it’s no big deal?

Would you struggle or be in serious trouble if you couldn’t find another job?

This answer is for yourself, so be 100% honest.

You owe yourself that much.

If you currently have a job, then is everything going well for the company?

Have they suffered from the current situation and did the lockdown hit them hard?

Don’t get me wrong, some companies were fine and are still doing well.

But large numbers of companies were slammed by the lockdown and are currently struggling to stay afloat, let alone recover.

Do you know who did well during the lockdown and who are still in relatively good shape?

Businesses that could serve their customers online.

While physical location businesses were in financial free fall during the lockdown, online businesses were thriving.

Websites were not forced to close and are not currently hindered due to distancing policies or local economic downturns.

On the contrary.

Online shopping has boomed before, during, and after the lockdown.

A lot of people were laid off, had their hours cut, or even had to work from home.

If we have another lockdown, would your paycheck be secure?

Perhaps we won’t and the current situation will be resolved soon enough.

But I don’t know for sure what the future holds.

Neither does anyone else.

My advice to you, and everyone who reads this article, is to make financial provisions now.

Learn how to capitalize on the online shopping boom and the surge in businesses moving online to find customers.

Set up your own income to protect yourself.

This may sound dramatic, but take a look around.

Do things look like they going well for most people and businesses?

If you think they are, then great!

I wish you all the best.

If you think things are not looking too good, then you are far from alone in that opinion.

Many people are getting very nervous about the future.

So are many businesses who are seeing the writing on the wall and moving into position online.

Their financial security may depend on it, and they are fully aware of that fact.

I urge you to consider your own standpoint on the matter.



Online Shopping Is Booming



During the lockdown, while the most of the world was sitting at home, many were trawling content online.

Phones, laptops, tablets, were all the go to entertainment for many people.

With all the stores closed, many people found that the only way they could purchase many kinds of products was via online shopping.

Shopping sites such as Amazon were experiencing huge increases in traffic as people turned to them for their shopping needs.

People ordered everything from clothes to board games, video games, household items, even through to groceries.

All delivered to their door with just a few clicks.

While people who worked in traditional offline location businesses were having their hours cut or losing their jobs, people who worked in the offline sphere were working like crazy to capitalize on the boom.


As I said above, many businesses have realized that the potential for online revenue is, quite frankly, the future.

They are busily setting up, or increasing, their online sales infrastructure.

The competition for online revenue is becoming fierce as companies all try to cash in on the evolution in the economy and the way people shop.

YouTube ads are being produced and social media campaigns are in motion.

They are adapting to the changes in the world we all find ourselves in.

Many are realizing what the key to online revenue is.

Amazon realized it many years ago.

So did many other well known companies.


The Key To The Kingdom



When it comes to online revenue, there is a simple equation.

Monetized Content + Attention = Revenue

A company has a website where they have their products listed and customers can order online. (Monetized Content)

They get as many people as possible to visit the website (Attention)

A portion of the people will make purchases. (Revenue)

The key to this system is attention.

A company can have the greatest products at the most amazing prices.

It makes no difference if no one ever visits the site.

Hence the huge drive for attention via YouTube ads and Social Media campaigns.

But, there is another option that companies such as Amazon implemented long ago.

Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Marketing Is Set For A Gold Rush



Affiliate marketing has been around for roughly 20 years at this point and has been incorporated into the business models of most well known large companies.

The concept is simple.

A person joins an affiliate program for a company.

They gain access to special referral links.

The links contain a unique i.d. for the affiliate.

The affiliate posts the links in places such as their social media, blog, and perhaps in the description of their YouTube videos.

Anyone that clicks on the links are sent to the companies website.

If the referred person makes any purchases, the affiliate earns a percentage commission.


Here is a video from the Rakuten YouTube Channel that shows how affiliate marketing works.



Here is a video from the Amazon Associates YouTube channel that shows one of their affiliate programs.



Here are examples of some large household name companies that have affiliate programs



Best Buy



Trip Advisor



As you can see, some of the most well known and trusted brands online already have established and thriving affiliate programs.

People are already earning money from posting links.

As the economy evolves towards online shopping due to the current situation in the world, and due to shopping preferences in general, affiliate marketing is set to become extremely lucrative for people who have the skill set required to be successful.


It’s Up To You



People are already making a living from affiliate marketing.

Some people are making a little extra each month and others have replaced their job income.

Yes, some are making a lot of money.

Thousands of dollars a day in some cases.

But I’m not here to make wild claims or talk about “Get rich quick” nonsense.

The fact of the matter is this.

People are already making money from affiliate marketing.

As you have seen, huge well known companies already have it as part of their online business model.

Do you think those companies would get involved and invest into something that didn’t work?

Of course not.

Affiliate marketing is positioning itself to turn into an online gold rush.

Some would say that the current world situation is the perfect storm for the industry.

The question I want you to ask yourself now is,

Are you ready to learn the skill set and seize this opportunity?

Or are you going to ignore it and let it pass you by?

It’s up to you.


How Can You Start Affiliate Marketing Today?



There are various ways to implement affiliate marketing and produce successful results.

The key is to learn the correct skill set.

There are courses that can be purchased online, but they are often expensive and sometimes use “secret techniques” that utilize dubious practices and can get you banned from affiliate programs.

If you want to learn the skill set and have the tools you need all in one place then I strongly suggest taking advantage of the free membership at the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

It’s free to join and start learning today.

Here are a few facts about the platform.


15 years in business.

1.4 million members.

Members in 193 countries.

Lessons are step by step and include video classes and also live stream classes.

A built in social media platform that allows students to build networks and interact with each other.

Information on utilizing affiliate marketing via blogs, social media, video channels, etc.

Live chat stream which allows students to ask questions from mentors and chat with other students

All the training you need to start working on your affiliate marketing business today.





You have learned how affiliate marketing operates as a concept, you have seen the level of companies involved, and you have access to free training.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it has inspired you to take the initiative to set up your own online income.

Rest assured, online shopping has been growing year after year and is currently surging.

Affiliate marketing will be a golden opportunity for those that take advantage of the situation.

The choice to take advantage of the free training membership is completely yours.




Learn the details and benefits of this free course in the what is wealthy affiliate guide



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