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Why Now Is The Time To Start Affiliate Marketing

The world has changed.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the world has undergone severe changes.

Social distancing has changed the way we interact with each other in our daily lives and has changed the way we do business.

Many businesses find themselves having to adapt to new guidelines and many are suffering from lower foot traffic to their physical locations.

This is leading to many businesses having to increase their online presence in order to produce the revenue needed to survive.

In this article we will look at how this can be a golden opportunity for those who know how to profit from the current situation.

Now is the time to start affiliate marketing.



It’s Time To Learn Affiliate Marketing



With the increasing number of businesses expanding their online presence comes ferocious competition.

The internet runs on attention.

A business can have the most amazing product selection or service, but that means very little if no one knows about it.

This is hwy online advertising is such a huge business.

Digital advertising is set to hit over $300 Billion in 2020

(source https://insights.digitalmediasolutions.com/articles/digital-spending-2020)


As you can see, online advertising is not only a booming business, it will also become more expensive as the competition for desirable search terms and keywords increases.

Businesses will have to look for alternative, and cheaper, methods of drawing traffic to their products.

Their first port of call will be social media.

A lot of large companies now have dedicated teams of social media specialists.

These professionals spend their days managing the companies social media accounts in order to draw in that all important traffic.

But, as more companies seek to recruit skilled people to build their own teams, so the price of hiring these people will increase.

As companies offer higher salaries to attract the best in the field, companies with smaller budgets will start to struggle to attract talent.

They will need to find alternate, more cost effective, ways to bring in traffic.

Affiliate marketing is going to look very appealing.

In fact, I predict a gold rush.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?



Affiliate marketing is a relatively simple concept.

A company sets up an affiliate program and offers commissions for qualifying actions.


Affiliate Program Example.

A company that sells outdoor pursuits gear, such as tents and hiking boots, may set up an affiliate program that offers 5% on any qualifying sales made through their website.

The program would comprise of various banners that can be inserted on to web pages and special tracking links for the affiliates.

The tracking links would contain a special i.d. that is unique to the affiliate that posts them.

If a person clicks on one of the links and makes a purchase on the outdoor companies website, then the affiliate would get 5% of the sales total.


Affiliate Marketing Example.

Carl is a blogger that produces content on cool locations to go hiking.

He has decent traffic to his blog and also has a social media following of several thousand people.

Carl decides that he wants to monetize his content by joining an affiliate program.

He finds the outdoor pursuits companies affiliate program on their website.

After joining he is provided with a unique affiliate I.D. and access to various promotional tools such as banners to insert on his website.

The program enables Carl to link to individual products on the companies website.

Within his blog post content he inserts links to some hiking boots and tent kits.

He then posts links to his blog post content to his social media for his followers to read.

Multiple people read the article and share it on their own social media accounts.

Within a week, Carl’s blog post has had a lot of views and quite a few people have clicked through the product links to the outdoors companies website.

When all is said and done, eighty people ended up making a purchase on the outdoors gear website.

Some purchased hiking boots, and others purchased tents or other equipment such as camping stoves and sleeping bags.

The total amount of money spent by all the people who clicked on the affiliate links equaled $8000.

The affiliate program pays 5% of total sales.

So Carl earns, $8000 x 5% = $400.

The company then pays Carl $400 in commission to his bank account the following pay period.

Carl continues to write blog articles with affiliate links inserted and repeats the cycle of posting them to social media.

Each new article he posts has the potential to earn him commission and his old posts also have the potential to earn him money repeatedly in the future when people view his older content.

That is affiliate marketing in a nutshell.



What Is Affiliate Marketing Explained



Why Companies Will Be Investing Heavily Into Affiliate Marketing



As I stated above, many companies are going to investing heavily into their online sales infrastructure due to the world we now find ourselves living in.

Foot traffic is down drastically in many locations across the globe and if businesses want to survive, let alone thrive, they will need to adapt by seeking online customers.

Also, people are increasingly turning to online shopping as their preferred method.

Not only due to social distancing etc, but also because they are finding that physical locations in their area are closing down.

Then, of course, there is always the aspects of price and convenience.

With money tightening in the economy as many people find themselves having their hours cut or even being forced to work at home, then price and convenience become large factors.

To be fair, this has been the case for several years now.

Large online shopping venues such as Amazon, have gained notoriety for driving smaller companies out of business as their smaller counterparts cannot compete with the price and selection available on sites such as Amazon.


Did you know these large companies already have affiliate marketing programs in place?


Best Buy


These and many others are already in place to profit from the coming affiliate marketing gold rush.


If smaller companies or even large established ones, want to compete online they will need to recruit affiliates by setting up programs and offering competitive commission rates.


Smartphones and Social Media



Let’s face facts.

The average person is glue to their smartphones all day and are usually trawling social media.

This is not going away.

In fact, as people find face to face interaction more difficult due to social distancing and even due to potential future lock downs, it is set to increase.

While many businesses were struggling and even collapsing altogether, due to the last lockdown, do you know who was booming?

Online businesses and affiliate marketers.

While stores were in panic mode as their doors were closed by the lockdown.

Online companies were experiencing a mini boom as people were stuck at home all day with nothing to do except trawl social media and consume other online content such as videos and blog articles.

People had no choice but to shop online if they wanted to purchase anything that could not be found in essential stores that were allowed to remain open.

As you can imagine, all those people shopping online were busily clicking on links that were posted on social media and blogs by affiliate marketers.

A LOT of money was made.


As I described above, this online shopping boom is set to continue as stores close and the world adapts to social distancing.

The potential of future lockdowns should not be dismissed either.

Can I say for certain we will experience another?


But neither can anyone else, for or against the possibility.

Regardless of future lockdowns or not.

The potential of an upcoming gold rush is not only probable, it’s almost inevitable.



Income Security



With all the businesses closing and the very uncertain economic future we all face, people who rely on job income are in a very precarious position.

As I’m sure you are aware, many people have lost their jobs or had their hours cut.

I personally do not see this trend halting or reversing anytime soon.

The outbreak has done severe damage to the traditional global economy.

As I said, many companies have realized this and are moving online or at least increasing their presence.

It is a known fact that there are affiliate marketers making huge amounts of money (Thousands of dollars per day), but there are also many more people who do it as a full time income to replace their job or simply to have extra money coming in each month.

I bring this up as a simple point for you to consider.

Forget thinking about making millions from affiliate marketing.

Think about having a back up income stream to replace your job or to simply provide emergency income should you have your hours cut.

It is far more prudent to go into affiliate marketing with the mindset of making a living than making your fortune.

As I said, there is the potential to make your fortune from affiliate marketing, but there is also a greater potential of replacing your job at the very least.


In my opinion, you should at least consider looking into learning the skill set needed.

After all, it is far better to be able to provide your own income than it is to rely on a job in this current economic environment.

Sure, the potential of thriving in the gold rush is appealing, but the aspect of securing your own financial future should be far more appealing.


How To Start Affiliate Marketing



You are most likely wondering about how you can start affiliate marketing and where you can learn the skill set.

There are plenty of pre-packaged courses available online that can be found at various price points.

The problem with pre-packaged courses is that the information may not be current and therefore still effective.

They are usually priced at significant price points and often make wild claims of potential earnings.

Personally, I advise against investing your money in such courses.


The best price point I know of is free.

A platform I personally used, and still use to this day, is Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate s an online platform that has over 1.4 million members of various levels of expertise.

From beginners through to veteran affiliates.

The platform has a step by step approach to training and uses both videos and live classes to teach the skill set needed for success in affiliate marketing.

The company has been in business 15 years and is updated constantly with new information as the platform is open 24 hours a day in 193 countries.

Students from all over the world interact in the live chat stream and also via the built in social media platform.

It is, in my opinion, hands down the best affiliate marketing training platform available in the world today.

Rather than take my word for it, simply join for free and take a look around.

You can join and start your training today.

Right now if you wish.

If you are serious about setting up your own online income, then simply take advantage of the free membership offer below.



What Is Wealthy Affiliate




Free Affiliate Marketing Training Course



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