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What is Wealthy Affiliate?


A question I’m frequently asked is “What is Wealthy Affiliate?”

In this article I will describe the features and benefits of this amazing and comprehensive training program.

Finding the correct training material is one of the first obstacles encountered when attempting to learn affiliate marketing.

I find this platform to be the best I have encountered and is the one I personally used to learn and continue to do so in order to stay up to date on the latest techniques.

If you are serious about learning how to make money online, I suggest you take the time to read this article.




In this section I will break down the homepage of Wealthy Affiliate and explain the various aspects and my experiences with them.


What Is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one platform to learn and perform affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of referring people online through to products from a third party in order to receive a commission.


Lauren has a fitness blog and some followers on social media.

She often posts affiliate links on her blog and social media.

She links to various supplements such as protein powders that can be purchased on a well known supplement website.

Some of her followers and people who visit her blog end up clicking through the links and purchasing supplements.

The supplement company will then handle payment, shipping and all other aspects of the customer interaction.

Lauren earns 10% of any sales that are produced from people who clicked her links.

Lauren is not involved in any part of the sale and does not interact with the customer/referral apart from posting the links.

That is affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches people from scratch how to make money online by posting affiliate links.

The training is broken down into step by step modules and the platform has an amazing community on its built in social media platform.

This enables complete beginners to network with other members of the community.

The sheer amount of information available outside of the training modules is simply staggering.

This company has been in business 15 years and has 1.4 million members from across the globe.

Due to the community being global there are people active in the social streams 24 hours a day.

Below I will take a look at their homepage and give an overview of some of the aspects.




Transform Your Ideas Into Profits


This section mentions 1+ Million niches and it is absolutely true.

You can find affiliate programs for almost any kind of product from just about any niche you can think of.








Pretty much any product you can think of will most likely have companies running affiliate programs that pay people commissions for referring sales.

Some of the biggest companies in the world have programs and personally I have seen commissions from 2% up to 60%+ on various products.

One of the most famous affiliate programs is run by Amazon.

Yes, you can refer people to Amazon and earn money from anything they purchase!

Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Websites.


Within the Wealthy Affiliate platform there is an integrated website building software.

It is powered by WordPress and can be used to create any kind of blog or website you would like.

There are step by step tutorials on how to do this and various videos that will walk you through the process.

The community is also always ready to help and I will go into detail on the wonderful community there later on this page.

As you saw with the example above with Lauren and her fitness blog, there is opportunity for a lot of profit once your site is up and running.

*Bear in mind, not everyone uses blogs/websites for affiliate marketing.

Some people use their social media and various other methods such as YouTube.

I find the website building software within the platform to be excellent and this very site is created using it.



Proven Strategies To Attract Lots Of Traffic.


The training in Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to attract traffic and convert them into referrals.

There is basic training right through to advanced courses.

Each one is broken down into steps and most have videos that show you on screen exactly what to do.

Traffic Equals Revenue.

The more traffic you get, then the more potential you have of people buying a product you refer and earning YOU money.

The training within will help you dominate in search results and get that all important traffic.

Your Revenue Sources Are Unlimited


As I mentioned earlier, most products you can think of can be found in an affiliate program somewhere.

Some of the biggest companies in the world have affiliate programs.

Examples of these would be.


Best Buy


Many top names will have such programs or be part of an affiliate network that will host programs for thousands of companies in one place.

Remember, you only refer the customer via a link.

The company you refer them to do handles everything else such as shipping, inventory, etc.


Affiliate Marketers Worldwide


Built within the platform is a social media network.

Like any other social media network it allows you to contact, follow and interact with other users.

This is a great feature because the community is absolutely amazing.

There are always people online 24 hours a day due to members being from all over the world.

You can contact everyone from complete beginners like yourself through to seasoned veteran affiliates.

There is also a streaming chat where people can ask questions to the community live.

I find that people are helping within seconds and will offer answers or links to training on the platform.

You can often find the owners in the streaming chat and they are glad to help members of the community.






Wealthy Affiliate offers step by step training right from absolute beginners to advanced cutting edge techniques.

The training is divided up into classes that are both article based and video based in a lot of cases.

More classes are added all the time.

There is a built in WordPress platform that allows you to build and host your website within the platform.

Access to over 3000 WordPress Themes for free.

A built in Keyword research tool.

A built in Social Media platform that allows members to interact and help each other.

Access to what I believe to be the best Affiliate Marketing Training on the Internet today.

Here are some stats from their homepage.

1.4 Million Members

193 Countries

1800 Expert Coaches

****I urge you not to miss out on the free membership, simply because I do not know if they have an end date for the offer in mind or not****

Are you interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing?

Are you serious about making money online?

Learn the techniques crucial to your success.

It’s FREE to take a look.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership


Disclosure : The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at zero additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and purchase any extra services or tools in addition to the free membership.

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