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What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

Before attempting to be successful at affiliate marketing, it is essential to get the best training.

There are various platforms and pre-packaged courses available online, but which one is the best?

In this article we will look at what i consider to be the best affiliate market training available today.

So, what is the best affiliate marketing course?


What Is Affiliate Marketing Training?



Affiliate marketing is no different to any other online venture.

If you wish to be successful, then you need to have the correct skill set and training.

Anyone can post links on social media and hope for the best.

But, just as it sounds, that is relying on luck and hoping for the results to produce themselves.

Sure, results may be produced, but they will not be long term, consistent, or of any real note.

If the correct training is applied, then the results will be a reflection of those practices being applied.

Affiliate marketing usually consists of step by step courses that will teach you the best ways to go about achieving results.

Training can usually be found in either pre-packaged courses or as part of a training platform.


What Are The Differences Between An Affiliate Marketing Training Platform And A Pre-Packaged Course?



Although similar in some regards, the results that they yield long term are usually very different.


Pre-packaged courses.


Such courses are usually marketed as secret technique to online riches.

Not always, but usually.

In the old days, such courses developed a bad reputation that affiliate marketing is still trying to shake off to this day.

I’m sure you have seen the old cliche ads. (There are some people who still market their courses this way)

Usually comprised of someone roaming around on a beach, or by a pool, and making all kinds of claims about being broke 6 months ago and discovering some secret technique that made them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

It’s old hat, and quite frankly, cringe inducing.

A simple way to look at these type of courses is the following.

If the “secret technique” is so fantastic and produces such amazing results, then why on earth would you sell it to as many people as possible and turn them all into competitors for your earnings?

Fair question?

The “Secret technique” to them making their money is selling the courses.

It’s pretty obvious, but people still fall for it.

Now this is not to say that all such courses do not work or are a scam.

Not the case.

There are courses out there that may produce results.

But most people know that anything that claims to enable you to “get rich quick” should be regarded with at least a healthy dose of suspicion.


As I said, there probably are courses out there that produce results, so ruling every single one out is not exactly fair.

So let’s take a fair look at the pros and cons of pre-packaged courses.



The courses are an all in one package that can be purchased for  a one time fee.

They are usually straight forward and lead the user through step by step.



The information is usually time sensitive and may include techniques that become less effective or even obsolete over time as the internet evolves.

There is often very little training support should the student have any questions or need help, and they are basically on their own after purchasing the course.




Although pre-packaged courses may seem very appealing due to the one time fee, and also the way they are marketed, they are not truly training the student.

The internet evolves at a rapid pace and all it takes is a search engine algorithm update to make some techniques obsolete overnight.

Many people have gone to bed with a site that holds top spots in search engine results, only to get up in the morning to find they have plummeted in page rank due to an algorithm update.

I see such courses as a short term business model at best.

The lack of post purchase support can also be very detrimental to the student.

Affiliate marketing is full of technical terms and can be very confusing to beginners.

Overall I advise against purchasing such courses if a person wants long term results and success.



Affiliate Marketing Training Platforms



A training platform is a place where the information is updated on a regular basis to ensure that the techniques are current and therefore the most effective.

If an algorithm update does occur, then the platform will address the changes and they will be reflected in modified information within the training platform.

Training is often step by step and often has video support or even live stream classes where students can actually ask questions during the training session.

Such platforms also have student support available within a very short time frame.

If not 24 hours a day, then certainly within a reasonable time span.

Having experts ready to answer your questions can really mean the difference between success and failure.

Rather than being left to fend for themselves, students are guided as they would be in any other real world learning environment.

The platforms usually have all the tools the student needs built into the platform.

For example, a pre-packaged course may give you all the information to their technique, but the student is then left find out about the most effective tools, such as hosting and blog software, for themselves.

Such tools are often built into affiliate marketing training platforms and are also backed with tech support by the platform.



The student is trained in a step by step fashion with the ability to ask questions and gain support if needed.

Video training and live stream classes are often a feature of the course.

All the tools the student needs are available within the platform.

The information is up to date at all times.



Training platforms will often require the payment of a regular fee rather than a one time payment.




Training platforms are far more effective than pre-packaged courses and will provide long term results due to the information being updated on a regular basis.

Some courses may well be effective in the short term and often lack after purchase support.

Although a regular fee may be required to be part of a platform, this is returned in value by the amount of information, tools, and support.

If someone is looking to get high quality training with the aim of long term and consistent success, then the training platform is by far the best choice.


Which Affiliate Marketing Training Platform Is The Best?



In my opinion, the best training  available is the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for 15 years and has over 1.4 million members as I write this.

I myself have been a member for many years and have seen the platform constantly evolve to meet the changes in the affiliate marketing industry.

A professional and effective training system that houses all the tools and information needed to be successful.

There are members in 193 countries and everyone from complete beginners to seasoned affiliates can be found online 24 hours a day.

The training is step by step and contains videos as well as live stream video classes held on a daily basis.

The platform also has a social media network built in and members can network with other affiliates completely in-house.

Besides the training, there is also a vast database of informative articles with more added every single day.

There is also a live chat stream with which members can asks questions and chat in real time.

All the tools needed, from website creation software and hosting, through to templates and keyword research tools, are built into the platform.

It is entirely possible to run an affiliate marketing business from within the platform.

It is free to join and upgrading to a premium membership is not compulsory, but does come with greater benefits as you would expect.

The free membership is still a fantastic way to learn affiliate marketing with no financial commitment.

(No credit card or any other personal details are required for a free membership, just an email to sign up with to enable a log in password)

If the student enjoys the platform they can always choose to upgrade to premium if they choose to, but it is not required.

There is also an amazing in-house affiliate program that allows members to make residual monthly income


If you are serious about affiliate marketing and building an online income, then I suggest taking advantage of the free membership and having a look around.

I think you will be amazed at the platform and will find the community to be extremely friendly and helpful.

It’s far better to take a look at a platform for free rather than pay out for a pre-packaged course and find out if its of any quality after the fact.


Wealthy Affiliate offers step by step training right from absolute beginners to advanced cutting edge techniques.

The training is divided up into classes that are both article based and video based in a lot of cases.

There is a built in WordPress platform that allows you to build and host websites within the platform.

A built in Social Media platform that allows members to interact and help each other.

Live Webinars

1.4 Million Members

Students in 193 countries

15 Years in Business

1800 Expert Coaches

Residual Monthly Income Affiliate Program

****I urge you not to miss out on the free membership, simply because I do not know if they have an end date for the offer****




Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership


Disclosure : The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at zero additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and purchase any extra services or tools in addition to the free membership.

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