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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tips


In this article we will look at 10 affiliate marketing tips for 2020.

Affiliate marketing is a deep and complex topic, but often people forget the core basics.

It is far too easy to get focused on one aspect and neglect others that may be the key to your success.

These ten tips will give you a firm foundation to keep you on track.


Affiliate Marketing Tip 1 – Research Your Audience



The whole point of affiliate marketing is to bring together customers with products.

In truth, that is the core aspect of it all.

Everything you do is geared around the ultimate aim of making sales.


The best way to attract the readers most likely to convert into buyers is to simply research them.


Find out where they are likely to be found online.

This can be certain forums that may have a community of potential readers for your blog.

*Do not suddenly dash off and spam your blog link all over forums!…If you join a community, add value to conversations and build a good reputation. You can always add a link to your blog in your signature that appears after your posts and on your profile.


It can be by researching trending hashtags related to your choice of niche or products directly.

*Again, do not spam your links all over the hashtag feed. Be courteous and helpful. Add value to the feeds, do not use them as your personal advertising feed. You will see others do this, and you will see how irritating it is and also how they get completely ignored!


Be sure to search around the internet and see what people are saying about the products via the reviews on the actual product pages.

If someone is really impressed they will be sure to write a review on amazon for example.

You can also bet that they will write one if they are seriously unhappy.

Take a look and see which common themes keep appearing.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 2 – Pick Your Products Carefully.



Finding the correct readers for your blog is only useful if you have the correct products to present to them.


This can be done by researching your products by looking for customer reviews on websites such as Amazon or from forums as suggested above.

This can give you a fair, and generally accurate, idea of what your customers are looking for and also likely to purchase.


If you are only promoting one or two products, then it is wise to actually purchase them and experience them for yourself.

This way you are able to accurately describe the features and benefits from first hand experience.

However, if you promote a large number of products, then you will have to rely on the customer reviews as your point of reference.


Be sure to only recommend the best products possible for your readers.

Do not recommend products based solely on the affiliate commission you stand to make.

If you be honest with your readers and aim to provide the best product suggestions, they will trust you and reward you with affiliate sales.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 3 – Make Your Blog Worth Reading And Sharing.



When you are creating your blog initially, make sure it is easy for readers to navigate and read.

Too many sites are a mess of images and pop ups.

Although the blogger may think that by making their blog full of bells and whistles it will impress readers, usually it does not.

The reasons are simple.

The reader is there to find information, not view a show of blog plug ins.

Whenever I land on a web page that throws a pop up at me within a few seconds of landing on the page, I am gone as fast as it takes me to click out.

A lot of people will tell you to utilize pop ups to capture newsletter subscribers.

Nothing wrong with that.

But, how am I supposed to know If I want to subscribe if I have a pop up blocking my view of the page before I get to the second sentence?

When I experience that, I just assume that if they spam me that quick with a pop up, then they will spam hell out of me with a newsletter if I sign up.

So, I don’t.

It is that simple.

If you are going to use a pop up, then at least give it a minute or so.

Let people see what your site has to offer.

Do not drive them away by slapping them in the face with a pop up.


Make sure your content is relevant to your readers by researching your content and laying it out in as concise a manner as possible.

Again, trawl around the internet and find out what your readers are looking for.

Most people are looking for answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Do your best to answer and help your readers.

This may take the form of reviews, guides, or simply articles.


People tend to have friends and followers that share common interests.

If your content is relevant to them, then most likely it will be relevant to their friends and followers.

This can lead to shares on social media.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 4 – Answer Questions.



As I mentioned above, most people visit blogs looking for answers to questions or at least relevant information.

Take the time to research what your potential readers are most concerned about with regards to your niche.


Obviously this can vary from niche to niche, but rare is the topic that does not have questions that need to be addressed.


When answering the questions for your readers, do adequate research and try your best to ensure you give the most relevant and concise answer for your readers.

Do not just cobble together an answer just so you can hope to get some affiliate link clicks.

The more accurate and helpful your answers are, the more likely your readers are to trust in your opinion when it comes to product reviews and suggestions.

Too many beginning affiliates just stitch together an answer with more view to ranking in search engines than actually answering the question at hand.

If a reader visits your page, gets a flimsy answer, and is basically just presented with a load of suggested products.

Do you think they will click on your links or click out to find another page that does answer their initial question?


Write with your readers needs in mind.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 5 – Don’t Spam Affiliate Links.



As an affiliate, your aim is to make affiliate sales.

But, your readers do not need to feel like they are browsing a shelf in a store.

Most people will go to places like Amazon etc if they are purely shopping.

As an affiliate, you are typically in the business of answering questions via reviews and articles.

People are looking for information when they come to your blog.

Shoppers will go to shopping sites.

I know this sounds obvious, but so many affiliates fall into this exact trap.

The whole point of creating your articles etc is to promote products, but people initially come for the review or article.

They come for information, not to shop.

Personally, I suggest either sticking to one product for a review, or maybe go as far as three products.

If you do three, you can be perceived as offering alternative products to the one being reviewed.

They may also be products that compliment the main product of the review.

For example, you may be reviewing a tent, but could suggest a sleeping bag and a ground mat.

Writing a 300 word review, but then having 30 affiliate product suggestions just turns it into a shopping experience.

Don’t, get me wrong, if it works for you then go for it.

But in my experience, a targeted selection is far better than spamming the page with links in the hope to tempt your reader into something.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 6 – Quality Over Quantity.



In my opinion, it is better to have 25 articles of great quality than 50 articles of mediocre quality.

A lot of people are focused on getting as many posts on their blog as possible.

Granted, you want to have some content on your site for your readers.

But, will a reader be more impressed by some informative articles that are well thought out or by thin content articles?

As I have stated several times.

Aim to help and inform your reader.

Make sure you research your information, and also answer any questions the content is addressing as best you can.

You want your readers to view your blog as a place they can get relevant information.

Not as a place they can get vague answers, but a whole lot of product suggestions.

If you take a look around the internet, you will encounter blog after blog, that operates exactly that way.

Thin content and lots of products and ads etc.

You will also find that the most successful blog actually back up the claims they make in the articles headline.

As always, write with your readers in mind, and add product suggestions later.

Do not write with product suggestions in mind and pad the content around them.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 7 – Be Consistent.



Some bloggers will post every day.

Others will post once a week.

Some will post whenever the notion takes them.


In my experience, I suggest at least once a week.

Truth be known, I post whenever I feel like it.

Which is usually quite a bit, because I’m a full time online marketer.

I may post five times one week, and twice the following week, etc.

This is due to me having multiple sites and projects.

But I always try to get at least once a week on each site.

Even if I’m really in the mood to hammer content on to one site, I will still find time to do at least one post per week on my other sites.

I advise you do the same.

You may only have one site, so it can be easier for you to post several times a week on your site.

Some weeks you may have offline obligations and cannot post your usual 4 posts for example.

But make sure you do at least one.

People like to see consistency of some sorts.

Apply the same to your social media.

Try to post at least once a week.

More if possible, but keep at least a minimum.

Some people will advise you to blast hell out of social media, I will address that in the next tip.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 8 – Use Social Media Correctly.



As I mentioned above, a lot of marketers will advise you to blast posts all over social media all day long.

I suggest posting when you have something worth posting.

Sure, try for once or twice a day if you like, but do not constantly blast the same posts over and over again all day.

If you have noticed, some people will blast the same few posts all day, day after day.

I see the logic.

To reach as many people as possible.


I know if I keep seeing the same thing over and over again being spammed into my feed, guess what I do?


I’m looking for new interesting things, same as everyone else.

I simply get irritated seeing the same thing over and over again.

Also, some posters will literally spam out 20+ posts one after the other.

I have seen that plenty of times.

They try to dominate the feed.

All it does is appear desperate, and of course spammy.

Guess what I click on?

Not their links.


As I said, several times a day is fine.

Sure, it’s difficult to get noticed on social media these days as it is.

But do not get tempted to spam.

Also, use images where possible.

People love to see images and are more likely to stay to look at the post.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 9 – Be Patient



Not so much a practical tip like the previous tips in this article.

More of a mindset tip.

Affiliate marketing will take a while to learn and to also provide results.

Make no mistake, you can make serious money with affiliate marketing.

But it is unlikely to come quickly in any notable amount.

Truth be known, I think this is why people tend to spam their links on social media.

They start getting impatient.

They hear of all the money that can be made, and want it today.

Just work to provide quality and all the aspects mentioned in the above tips, and success will come.

Do not fall into the trap of getting desperate and impatient.

It will show, and you will do more harm to your efforts than you may realize.

As I said, no one likes spam.

So, they are not going to like it from you.

It can be hard at he beginning, when you are working hard, but do not get any results.

Remember, you are building a business, not running a kiosk in a mall.

You do not need to harass people into viewing your content.

If you produce quality and get it in front of enough people, they will promote it for you via social shares etc.

Search engines will love your content, and provide traffic, if it is well crafted and relevant.

Which brings me to my next affiliate tip.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 10 – Learn SEO.



One of the key skills you need to learn and continue learning is SEO.

Search engines are constantly evolving and so should your knowledge of optimization.

Remember to stay on top of current developments as best you can.

Do not try to game the system or try short cuts.

Google is getting smarter by the day, and can pick up a lot of so called “Secret Techniques” with ease these days.

SEO is obviously a huge topic that is far to vast to cover here, but take a look around my site as I have various articles you may find useful.

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