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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Questions


In this article we will look at the top 10 most asked affiliate marketing questions.

There are a lot of myths and rumors floating around that need to be addressed.

When first encountering the topic, any topic, it is natural to have questions and also a degree of caution.

After all, there are some wild claims about affiliate marketing in circulation. Both good and bad.

Let’s take a look at the most common questions.


Question 1 – What Is Affiliate Marketing?


This is without doubt one of the most common questions.

Put into simple terms, affiliate marketing is the practice of directing internet traffic to third party products with the aim of creating sales and earning a commission.

In other words, affiliates promote other peoples products and earn money if their referrals purchase them.

This is beneficial to companies who can have large numbers of affiliates reaching customers the company may not normally reach and directing them to the companies website and products.

It is beneficial to the affiliates because they can have access to huge inventories of products to promote without any kind of actual stock cost or overheads.

Companies are paying increasingly more to assemble professional online promotional teams. As employees they are a very expensive overhead.

Affiliates on the other hand, are paid for performance.

This is also beneficial for affiliates because there is no earnings cap, unlike being a salaried employee.

Some affiliates earn tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Some are estimated to be in the millions of dollars per year.

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Question 2 – How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?


The overall concept is very simple.

The affiliate will have a blog based around a niche (topic) and they will write various articles, and usually product reviews.

They usually spend time building up a following on social media and most will build an email marketing list via a newsletter opt in model.

The affiliate will look around for affiliate programs from companies who sell products related to their niche.

Once they find a program, or programs, that offer suitable products and offer a good commission rate, the affiliate will apply to join.

Once approved, they will have access to various promotional materials and links to products.

The links will have a unique I.D. attached to them that identify the affiliate as the person who refers a customer to the company website.

The affiliate will then insert these links and promotional materials into the content on their blog.

This is why a lot of affiliates will focus on doing product reviews.

They will then aim to get their content viewed by as many people as possible, with the aim of readers clicking on the links to the company website and making purchases.

In order to attract readers to their content, they will uses practices such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank their content highly in search engine results.

Most will also leverage social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, to attract even more readers to their content and will also promote to their email newsletter subscribers.

Affiliates know that the more readers they attract to their content, the more chance they have of people clicking through the affiliate links.

Any reader (referral) that clicks through the links and ends up purchasing will earn the affiliate money.

More readers = greater potential of clicks = greater chance of sales.

Sales = Money.

For example.

An affiliate creates an article on his blog and promotes it on social media.

The article has 12000 readers in a month.

3000 of the readers click through the affiliate links to various products. (They are now classed as referrals)

1700 of the referrals end up purchasing various products, spending an average of $30 each, amounting to $51000 in total referred sales.

The affiliate program pays a 10% commission rate and therefore the affiliate earns, 10% of $51000 = $5100 in commission.

Not bad for one article!

Bear in mind the affiliate will write many articles and spend their days promoting them on social media.

Also, articles can be read and produce referrals, month after month, perhaps for years.

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Question 3 – Can Anyone Do Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketers come from all walks of life.

You have people who are full time professional affiliate marketers and you have people who work it part time aside from their regular job.

Some stay at home mothers will do online marketing instead of having a regular job for extra income or even full time income.

There are also plenty of students who turn to online income rather than having to juggle part time jobs schedules with their studies.

Another type of affiliate that is growing in numbers, are retirees who use the income to supplement their retirement.

Anyone who is prepared to learn the skills needed and do the work required to be successful can earn money online.

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Question 4 – Can You Work From Home?


Affiliate marketing is internet based.

Anywhere you can connect to the internet, you can work on your affiliate marketing business.

Predominately, you will be adding content to your blog and promoting it on social media.

All of this can be done from a laptop, and even on your phone with regards to the social media aspect.

So, not only can you work from home. You can work from a coffee shop, a friends house, anywhere with internet connection.

If you have a strong enough Wi-Fi connection, you can even work outdoors on a nice day.




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Question 5 – What Do You Need?


Affiliate marketing is a very low start up cost business model.

Most businesses will require you to carry an inventory of stock.

Affiliates have access to huge amounts of products without having to carry any stock.

By joining affiliate programs and gaining access to various companies inventory, they can promote product after product and earn money from them.

To start this business, you will need a computer, desktop or laptop, and an internet connection.

You will also have to buy a domain name, set up a blog and web hosting, and set up social media accounts.

The social media is of course free, but the domain name may cost you between $10 – $20. (Unless you buy a premium domain, which can cost thousands of dollars).

Web hosting etc will be somewhere around $10 a month, according on the service you choose.

You can actually operate from a free website, domain, and hosting.

Some affiliates actually operate purely on social media, and do not have a website.

However, if you want to be truly successful, then the above framework is the best model.

You will also have to learn a skill set in order to be successful.

*I will describe the skill set in question 9.

Question 6 – How Much Money Can You Make?


The beauty of affiliate marketing is that there is no earnings cap.

You can make a little extra each month just to make life a little better or help out with the bills or you can go as far as making as much in a month as some people make in a year.

It all depends on the niche you choose, the rate of money you are earning per sale, how many sales you make and how often.

That is the truth of the matter.

A core aspect that most people skip past when thinking about the money is, it all depends on the individual.

An affiliate who learns the skill set, puts in the hard work needed and implements the skill set, will always beat an affiliate who tries to skip over the learning stage and expects to earn huge amounts of money with minimal effort.

Its no different than someone who doesn’t go to the gym and study nutrition expecting to outperform someone who is a professional athlete.

As with any business, there is no guarantee that you will earn millions.

However, if you learn the skill set, put in the hard work needed to build content and promote on social media, you are in place to earn money.

Plenty of people quit their jobs to earn a very comfortable living full time from affiliate marketing.

As I said, some earn extra money each month, some earn a living, some earn millions.

It is no different to any other business model and it all depends on the individual.




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Question 7 – Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam?


This is a very common question and can be answered very easily.

Affiliate marketing is not a scam.

A lot of the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon for example, implement affiliate programs. Amazon Affiliate Program

The list of such huge companies is vast.

There are thousands of top name companies with programs in place.

The reason that there are people who label it a scam is two fold.

Firstly, there are, and always have been, a lot of self proclaimed “Gurus” who sell affiliate marketing courses on the back of wild promises of riches.

It is a common cliche about the “Gurus”  who create videos of themselves on beaches or outside mansions claiming they made millions online from a “secret system”.

According to them, if you buy their course, and implement the “secret techniques”, you can be lounging on the beach all day and cavorting with models within weeks.

Affiliate marketing takes a certain skill set and hard work.

That’s the fact of the matter.

Is it any wonder that people buy these courses, with the expectation of big money with small effort, fail to make the money promised in the time frame claimed, then cry scam?

If someone said to you that anyone, regardless of fitness, age, etc, could go to the gym for 2 hours a week, for 2 months, and they would be able to bench press 800lbs if you followed their “secret system”

Would you believe them?

Of course not!

I’m not saying all of the courses available are a scam.

But, if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

The second part of this is that a lot of people expect big results with minimal effort.

How many people do you know that are full of talk in January, each new year, about being in amazing shape by summer time, yet don’t set foot in the gym once February turns up?

As I said, success in affiliate marketing, like any other business, depends on the individual.

Learn the skill set, put in the work required.




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Question 8 – How Long Does It Take To Work?


How soon you can make money from affiliate marketing depends on a multitude of factors.

What kind of niche (topic) you are in will influence the time frame.

Some topics are more competitive than others, and therefore, getting your content ranked and building social media followings may be more difficult.

That said, competitive topics usually have far more people interested, so if the individual is able to promote their content effectively, they will find success quickly.

If a topic is not competitive due to it being new, then, again, the individual may find success rapidly.

However, If a topic is not competitive because it is such a deep niche (A very focused product or topic), then it may have limited people interested.

The key to remember is that we are talking about online marketing.

As with all marketing, the key to success is to get the product in front of as many potential customers as possible.

The more people that see the product, the more sales can be generated.

Sales = Money.

The faster you get the product in front of potential customers and generate sales, the faster the money piles up.

Question 9 – What Skills Do You Need?


Affiliate marketing takes a skill set comprised of a variety of aspects.

You will need to learn how to set up a blog and make it functional, as well as visually appealing to your readers.

One of the key aspects you need to learn is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is the way that websites/blogs, and all online content, is found on the internet.

To give a very basic overview.

When a reader puts a search request into a search engine, such as Google, the top results produced are usually the most relevant, and also the most optimized to appear in search engine results.

If you had two pieces of content, that both had relevant information on a topic, but one was optimized with SEO and one was not.

The SEO optimized content would stand a far greater chance of appearing higher in search results, and therefore get far more traffic (readers) than the non optimized content.

Another skill set, is learning how to leverage social media in order to promote content, products, and build followings.

Using the previous two content example, it is actually possible for the non optimized content to attract more readers than the SEO optimized content via social media.

However, if one content had both SEO and social media leverage, and the other did not, the results would be vastly different.

The results from the content with both would dwarf the results of the one with neither.

You will also need to learn how to write content that converts readers into potential customers that will click links to the products.




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Question 10 – Where Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing?


There are a lot of places online that you can research affiliate marketing and also courses you can purchase.

However, researching on your own can be time consuming, and also can lead to the reader being unaware that they have found outdated information.

Let’s not forget, the internet is constantly evolving, and affiliate marketing evolves along with it.

I have already mentioned how I advise against pre-packaged courses peddled by “Gurus”.

I actually suggest reputable online learning communities.

Such communities stay current and evolve as the internet and affiliate marketing industry does.




Before attempting to be successful at affiliate marketing, it is essential to get the best training.

There are various platforms and pre-packaged courses available online, but which one is the best?

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