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The Truth About Affiliate Marketing


In this article we are going to answer one of the most asked questions when it comes to affiliate marketing.

“What is the truth about affiliate marketing”

“Can I really make money online?”

We will look at the truth and lies that are often intertwined closely by self proclaimed Guru’s.

To start this article let’s look at what most people encounter when first discovering affiliate marketing.

Where you first find out about this business model will also determine your experience with what it actually involves.


If you first encountered the topic via an honest and transparent source, then you will have one opinion.


If you first encountered it via some of the many self proclaimed “Gurus” that are out there, well, your opinion and expectations may be vastly different.

Beware promises of “get rich quick”


The first thing we need to address is the way affiliate marketing is often portrayed as a “get rich quick” scheme.


The truth is this.

Can you make large amounts of money online?


There are plenty of people making a extra money, full time income, and even millions of dollars per year.

That is the truth.


It takes a lot of learning and hard work to get it working to the point you earn a living from it.

You are going to have to learn a lot of things such as,


How to set up a blog.

How to draw traffic to your blog.

How to use social media for marketing.

Learn website search engine optimization.

Plus much much more!


Do not, however, let that put you off!


You would be surprised how much you already know thanks to all of us spending so much time online these days.

You most likely already have a foundation of skills you are not even aware of because we all use the internet on day to day basis.



The point here is to beware of courses and “Gurus” that proclaim that they can have you making obscene amounts of money within a short time frame.


You will spot them easy enough due to the fact that they usually portray a lifestyle of pure luxury that they claim you can have within a few months so long as you buy their course.

To the cynical among you.

You are right to look at all the pictures of sports cars, yachts, and models, with a suspicious mindset.

In 99% of cases it is EXACTLY what you think it is…

A load of staged pictures in order for you to get enticed into buying one product or another from them.

The cars, yachts, and models, are all hired in order to create the illusion of success.




Can that kind of money be made online?



There is one very famous online marketer who made $23.8 million in 24 hours with one product.

I have also personally met quite a few people who make multiple millions per year online, year after year.

No embellishment or flat out lies.

That is the full 100% truth.


I have also met plenty of people who, just like me, earn a very nice living online.


I have met many people who do affiliate marketing just to have extra money coming in each month to help with bills or to buy the nice extras in life.


So, yes, it is absolutely possible to make money online.


But, as you would guess, becoming a multi millionaire within 6 months by just following the steps in an expensive E-book….Unlikely at best.


The truth is, most people buy into this fantasy, try it out, get little or no results, then run around screaming affiliate marketing is a scam to anyone who will listen.

No, it is not a scam, far from it.

E-books that can make you millions within 6 months…Well…What do you think?

Yes they got scammed, but not by affiliate marketing in itself.



Can I Make Money Online?



But first of all lets take a look at what you are going to need.

First of all, before anything you have to be 100% certain you are serious about committing to building an online business

Yes, that’s right a business.

You cannot drift in and out of working towards building your business if you are expecting results.

Big results require big effort.

Consistent results require consistent effort.

You have to be prepared to dedicate a LOT of time to your business.

Granted, it is going to be hard at first if you are working a full time job and trying to build your business in your spare time.

But that’s why I mentioned being 100% serious and committed.

If you stick at it and build up your online business then it is perfectly feasible to eventually replace your full time job earnings.

It is not going to happen overnight, but you may see results relatively quickly based upon how much work you put in and how effective it is.

You are going to have to be willing to learn


Before you start affiliate marketing, you have to learn how to do it properly.

As I said earlier, it is not the hardest thing in the world to learn, and you can get results from very basic techniques.

If you want to make money online in any kind of substantial amounts you will have to know what you are doing.


Like anything else, you cannot expect to just jump in and become an expert that causes their laptop to pump out money 24 hours a day.


If you are willing to take the time to learn the skills, you can apply them into producing money.

It is that simple.

If you are not prepared to put in the effort then why should you expect the rewards?

Where can I learn?


There are various courses and sites available as I mentioned earlier, but my advice is this based on my own experiences.


You can learn the basics for free if the truth be told.


An option I strongly suggest is to head over to Wealthy Affiliate and take advantage of their free membership.


I have been a member for years and I never really found success until I joined them and put their teachings into practice.


My suggestion is for you to head over and try the free membership.

You can learn the basics there in great detail via the amazing step by step courses they have on their site.

It also has the best community of affiliate marketers I have ever encountered.


In case you are wondering if their training works…..You found this site didn’t you?

I guess that is evidence enough to justify a taking a look if you are serious about learning how to make money online

Learn More About The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership




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