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    Affiliate Marketing

    How To Get Into Affiliate Marketing

      Beginners may first hear about affiliate marketing through a variety of sources. They may hear it from friends, read about it on social media, see a video or ad on YouTube, or perhaps through articles. Quite often their first encounter, if not from friends, is of a self proclaimed Guru trying to sell a course full of “secret techniques” Rarely do they encounter professional information that actually tells them the truth about affiliate marketing and how to really learn the skill set needed to be successful. In this article I aim to provide truthful and professional information rather than try to tempt you with wild claims of “The secrets…

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    Affiliate Marketing

    How To Start Affiliate Marketing

      Affiliate Marketing has been around since the 90’s and has steadily evolved into a huge industry. With smartphones and social media taking center stage in almost everyone’s life today, it is set to grow even more. Many experts are predicting a huge surge in e-commerce as people are choosing to shop online instead of traditional retail locations. The largest shopping sites in the world, including Amazon, use affiliate marketing to attract traffic, and therefore sales, to their websites and products. As the world adapts to the current situation we find ourselves in, many more retail businesses are looking into expanding their online sales infrastructure. Affiliate marketing is already a…