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    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing Made Easy – Beginners Guide

      At first glance affiliate marketing can seem to be very complex and full of technical terms. In this article we are going to look at the topic step by step. From what affiliate marketing actually is and how it works, through to descriptions of various common terms, and finally to where you can learn the skills set for free. This guide is intended for complete beginners so don’t worry if you have zero knowledge on the topic. By the end this affiliate marketing made easy beginners guide you will know the basics of the overall concept.   What is affiliate marketing?   The basic concept of affiliate marketing is…

  • affiliate-marketing-made-simple
    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

      Affiliate marketing is a complex topic when first encountered. All kinds of terms are thrown at the novice. Search engine optimization, Meta Tags, Keywords, Page Rank, Back links….The list seems endless. In truth, although it can be quite confusing at first, everything is intertwined. So, as you learn one aspect, you are also gaining knowledge of others. In this article we will look at how to make the topic less intimidating to the aspiring affiliate marketing beginner. How Affiliate Marketing Works   To begin with let’s take a look at how it actually works. A lot of companies now have an online presence for their brand and products. Although…