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Start Your Own Online Business Today

Most people have thought about starting their own online business at some point.

Some try and others procrastinate.

While some succeed and others fail, there are countless others who never even attempt to start.

In this article we will look at how, and why, you can start your own online business today.

It will be short and to the point.



Why Start Your Own Online Business? – The World Has Changed





Let’s face facts.

No job is truly safe at the moment.

Since the outbreak, many businesses have either downsized staffing levels, reduced hours, or closed down altogether.

With all the distancing policies in place, many traditional stores are finding their foot traffic greatly reduced.

This is causing many businesses to expand their online presence in order to compensate, and in some cases, to just survive.

For years there has been a shift towards online shopping.

People buy everything, from groceries to health insurance, online these days.

Shopping online is not only convenient, but with the restrictive social policies, essential in some places.


Ask yourself this question.

Is your job truly safe?

I’m serious.

Take a moment and careful consideration of that question.

If there was another lockdown, would your current employer survive?

If they did, would they have to reduce staffing numbers or hours?

Would this impact you?

If it did, would you be OK for money to pay your bills etc until you could get another job?

Would you be able to last financially if you couldn’t get a job for several months?

Don’t think it cant happen to you because it happened to tens of millions of people in the last lockdown.

I’m sure most of them thought they were secure in their jobs in the days before the lockdown.

I’m also sure they struggled to find new employment while everywhere was closed for months.

Even after the lockdown, many businesses let more people go and few are hiring new people while they adapt to the new world we find ourselves in.

It’s up to you to safeguard your income.


Online Shopping Is Booming



As I said above, many people either prefer, or are forced by circumstance, to shop online.

While traditional bricks and mortar stores are suffering, online stores are flourishing.

The competition for online customers is fierce, and the costs of online advertising are steadily increasing.

Businesses are going to turn to a tried and trusted way to get customers to their products.

Affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept

A company who sells their products online sets up an affiliate program.

The program offers a commission rate.

Let’s use 10% as an example.

Anyone that joins the affiliate program gets access to links.

These links direct people to products on the companies website.

If any of the people make a purchase then the affiliate who posted the link that lead the customer to the product gets 10% of the sale.

So, if the customer spends $300 then the affiliate earns $30.

If the affiliate refers 200 people over the course of a week and the total sales equal $60,000 then the affiliate earns $6000

Sounds too good to be true?

Here is a video from the Amazon Associates Program YouTube channel



Yes Amazon has an affiliate program.

Most of the largest online companies do.

Here are a few examples.



Best Buy






So, How Do I Do This?



Affiliate marketing is like any business.

The more skilled you are, the more successful you will be.

Sure, you can join an affiliate program and just spam links all over the place hoping to catch a sale or two.

But if you want to be truly successful and set up a BUSINESS rather than just try to skim a few bucks, then you should learn the skill set.


I’m going to cut to the chase.


1.4 million people have learned the skill set needed for success at Wealthy Affiliate.

The platform has been in business for 15 years and is constantly evolving.

It has all the tools and training needed to be successful at affiliate marketing.

It has step by step training and most sections include videos to make the training even easier.

There are also live stream video classes in which the students can ask questions as techniques are being shown.

Students can also network by using the built in social media platform.

Students can be found online 24 hrs a day and represent over 190 countries, so networking with people in your region is possible.

Members range from complete beginners through to seasoned affiliates who have years of experience and success.

There is a free membership option and a paid premium option.

It is entirely possible to be a member for free and only decide to pay for the advanced tools and training as a premium member after assessing if affiliate marketing is right for you.

Not everyone is cut out to be successful.

Those that are typically make it their full time profession.

Those that decide to give it a miss often return later after finding out what they are actually missing out on when they see the success of other affiliates.




Learn the details and benefits of this free course in the what is wealthy affiliate guide


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