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If you are reading this article then you have heard of, and are interested in finding out, how to learn affiliate marketing.

In this article we will look at what affiliate marketing is and how to learn it for free.


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What Is Affiliate Marketing?



To begin let’s take a look at what affiliate marketing actually is.


Affiliate marketing is the practice of earning money by referring web traffic to third party websites or products by posting links.


Here is a brief example.


Kate starts a blog on photography.

She writes various articles and reviews on photography related topics.

Kate also joins an affiliate program that pays 10% of money spent for every referred customer.

The program provides Kate with various links and banners for her to promote their site and products on her blog.

Kate writes a review on some high end cameras.

She then puts her affiliate links within the articles.

The article is then promoted on Kate’s social media accounts.

After a month the results are in for the article.

Between Google traffic and her promotions on social media, Kate has referred $17000 in sales over to the third party camera site.

Kate gets 10% of the referred revenue.

10% of $17000 = $1700.

Kate earns $1700 that month from just one article and the article also stands the chance of earning Kate more money for months, if not years, to come.


Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?


If you want to learn more about the basics of affiliate marketing then check out the following link.


What is Affiliate Marketing




Learn Affiliate Marketing



You no doubt read the above example and thought,


“Wow, write an article, post some links and earn money….I’m in!”


As simple as it sounds, there is also a lot of other factors involved.


For example, before you rush out to set up a blog, ask yourself these few questions.


Do you know how to set up a blog?

Do you know how to get that blog ranked in Google?

Do you know what kind of topic you are going to be writing about?

Do you know how to use social media effectively to promote your blog?


Let’s look at each of these questions in brief.



Do you know how to set up a blog?



Truth be known it is very quick and easy to set up a blog in its basic form.

There are various companies out there that offer free blogging platforms in order to get you started.


The most well known are WordPress and Wix.


Both sites offer a huge degree of customization for your blog so you can make it look and function exactly how you want.


Personally I use WordPress and have found it to be perfect for building my sites the way I want them.

Although it has a slightly steeper learning curve than the Wix platform, it also offers an immense amount of flexibility that is superior to Wix in my opinion.

This site was built with WordPress for example.


Wix is very user friendly and a lot of people who are beginners at building a blog may benefit from its drag and drop functionality.


This Youtube video from the Wix.com channel shows the editor in action.



As I said earlier, it is not all that hard to set up a blog, but getting it ranked in Google so people see it is a whole other animal.



Do you know how to get that blog ranked in Google?



Google has various factors that decides how it ranks websites.

The algorithm is constantly evolving so that Google can be more effective at making sure the pages with the most relevant information and best user experience are ranked top.

The practice of making blogs and websites appear in Google is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO is a large topic to learn and is constantly evolving as I mentioned.


The most lucrative topics in affiliate marketing are usually extremely competitive and you will have to learn SEO if you are aiming to succeed.



Do you know what kind of topic you are going to be writing about?



In order for you to start affiliate marketing you need to know what kind of topic you are going to be blogging about.

This is known as a “niche.”


There are affiliate programs for almost any topic/niche you can think of.


There are affiliates making money in topics everywhere from weight loss to pet care.

Literally anything you can think of most likely has affiliate programs available for you to join.


You should decide what kind of niche you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

You should also make sure there is the kind of money potential you are aiming for.


I have written a brief guide on choosing niches that you can view here

How to choose a niche



Do you know how to use social media effectively to promote your blog?



Just about everyone is on social media these days.


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others.


When you start your blog you are going to have to learn the correct way to promote your content on social media.

You will need to learn how to build a following and also interact with them in the correct manner in order to produce affiliate marketing sales.


Each platform has its own nuances and also techniques to produce results.


If you learn to correctly harness the power of social media you will have the potential to get your blog, content, and therefore affiliate links in front of the world.


Bear in mind that if one of your social media posts goes viral, the revenue produced can be nothing short of amazing.




Where Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing?

There are three main ways you can learn affiliate marketing.

Teach Yourself.



Truth be known, you can take it upon yourself to learn affiliate marketing and gather information by trawling the internet.

You can go on Youtube and watch videos that give you an overview on how affiliate marketing works.

There are sites out there that will teach you the basics, but the key is looking for up to date information and techniques.

Most sites offer paid courses (Which I will describe below) that will teach you about how to get started etc.



Buy a Pre-Packaged Training Course



There are plenty of pre-packaged affiliate marketing training courses that can teach you the basics.

Again these are usually time sensitive due to the fact that SEO changes almost daily and what works today may not be as effective next month.

You also have to be careful of anyone teaching you black hat techniques.

These are techniques that attempt to fool Google into ranking sites higher than they should be in regards to quality content.

Although these techniques may promise, and even produce, good results in the short term, long term they can and will get your site de-listed from Google altogether.

Such courses are often sold in E-book form or may be delivered step by step in an email series.

These courses are rarely cheap and often keep the advanced, and most effective techniques, behind a paywall or as part of another course you need to buy in addition.



Join An Online Affiliate Marketing Training Course



There are plenty of online affiliate marketing training courses available, but not all are created equal.


I have tried all three methods (Teach myself, pre-packaged courses, and online training courses) and I didn’t find any real success until I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

I was dubious at first as a lot of courses, pre-packaged and online training, are not anywhere near as effective as they claim.


Wealthy Affiliate offered a free trial, so I thought what the hell, it’s free.

I signed up and expected a bare bones site that was immediately going to try to upsell me.

Not the case!

The free trial really was what it was labeled as.

A trial that allowed me to investigate the platform and also take the training classes for free.

I was blown away by what was on offer.

The site had step by step guides that started at the very basic level and lead the student from literally choosing a topic, setting up a blog, SEO, social media, right through to advanced techniques.

The guides come in the form of articles but most have specially created videos that show you how to apply the training in real time.

There is also a HUGE archive of articles written by the owners and other very experienced affiliates who are members that have reached success from the training.

The site also has a social media platform built straight into the site.

Imagine a private social media platform where you can chat, follow, help, and receive help from experienced affiliates and beginners alike!

You can also buy your domains, host your website, and build your website, all within the platform.

What is also different to every other affiliate marketing training course I have seen is the benefit that you can actually contact the owners direct.

Yes, you read that correct, you can contact the owners direct.

Most sites have automated chat bots (If you are lucky) or simply offer an email contact option that may take a while to respond, if at all, and usually costs extra as “personal support.”

You can also ask question to other members in a live chat stream that runs 24 hours a day.

Members are from all over the world so there is always someone online ready and willing to help.


I could go on and list many more benefits, but why do that when you can simply head over and start the free trial to see for yourself.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you are serious about starting affiliate marketing then you should join up at Wealthy Affiliate and begin your path towards online money success!


What are you waiting for?…Learn To Earn!


Click Here To Access The Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial


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