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Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Affiliate marketing has been around since the 90’s.

As an industry it has evolved alongside the internet and has had it’s growing pains and turmoil.

Today it is used by most of the top online shopping sites and some of the largest brands in the world.

Millions of people are making money from affiliate marketing every day.

But yet, some people claim that it is a dying industry.

Is this really the case?

Is affiliate marketing dead?

Affiliate marketing has had a rough ride


It is no secret that affiliate marketing has had a rough ride as an industry.

Around 10 years ago, affiliate marketing was touted online as a “Get rich quick” scheme that would pump money out with great ease.

Various self proclaimed Gurus were seemingly everywhere you turned.

Peddling their courses and making wild claims of “Secret systems” that could turn anyone into an overnight success story.

Courses were marketed with the same tired old format of some young entrepreneur spouting off about the money they made while on a beach or by the pool.

To be fair, their marketing worked and many people took the bait.

Large numbers of people handed over money for courses that promised them success beyond their wildest dreams so long as they followed “The system”

Of course, most people found themselves greatly disappointed.

Generally for two reasons.

Firstly, the “Secret system” was no longer a secret.

People implementing the system found themselves up against everyone else who had purchased it.

Competition was fierce as large numbers of people were all using the exact same techniques to compete for the limited slots available in search engines first page results.

Secondly, most of the techniques used loopholes in search engine algorithms.

As more people were implementing the techniques, then more attention was drawn to them and search engines closed the loopholes.

This lead to a lot of disappointed people.

Word spread that affiliate marketing was a “Scam” and that it didn’t work.

The industry has worked extremely hard ever since to shake the negative label associated with making money online, thanks to “Gurus”

What is the industry like now?


The industry, as I said, has evolved alongside the internet.

It has grown and is far more professional than it ever was in the early days.

Sure, there are still “Gurus” lurking and peddling the same old tired pipe dreams of mansions and models within weeks.

But most people see them for what the are and they are far less of a factor within the industry.


The industry is now dominated by professional training platforms and affiliate marketing is a respected business used by most of the largest online shopping sites in the world.

A simple question to ask yourself is,

“If affiliate marketing was a scam, would it be used by the likes of Amazon?”

Would companies like that risk the trust of their customers and tarnish their reputation by associating with get rich quick schemes?

Of course not!


With the current situation in the world, affiliate marketing is not only evolving, it is booming.

Many regions of the world are experiencing various social policies that seriously impact their ability to shop offline.

So, where do they shop for the things they want and need?



In the early days, people were wary of entering their card details and private information online.

Now, people routinely shop online with their mobile phones and order their purchase without a second thought.

The customer base for online shopping is immense.

Combine this with the absolute dominance of social media, the ability to get affiliate links in front of huge amount of people, and the potential is staggering.


Far from being dead, affiliate marketing is just now coming to life.

The potential in the future is so great, that affiliate marketing could well be one of the most profitable ways in existence to earn money online.

In fact, I personally think that there will be many people who replace their jobs with affiliate marketing as they find that it is a very effective way to work from home.

This is not to rehash the Guru’s claims of overnight riches or mansions and models.

But it is to say that people will be able to replace their jobs, or at least earn extra money from affiliate marketing.

So, to conclude.

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is far from dead.

I think it is just leaving it’s teething stages and is ready to grow into an absolute Titan of an industry.

All the signs are there and all the factors needed for it to grow are in place.

If you have ever considered getting into affiliate marketing.

Now is the the time.

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