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How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free

With the current trend towards online shopping, many people are starting to consider learning affiliate marketing.

People are realizing that the potential for profit in referral marketing is growing and set to soar.

Due to the current situation in the world, many people are either choosing, or are forced, to shop online for even basic goods such as groceries.

Most large businesses have already seen the current and future potential for online revenue.

They either have, or are currently setting up, their affiliate programs to ensure they can take full advantage of this opportunity.

With the holiday season on our door step and online sales forecast to surge, now is the time to learn the skill set for affiliate marketing.

But where can you learn affiliate marketing for free?


First Of All Let’s Look At What Affiliate Marketing Is


As a concept, affiliate marketing is very simple.

Online retailers need traffic to their products and websites in order to be successful.

By offering commission for any referral sales they can recruit people to drive traffic to their products.

Affiliate marketers join their program and post links to the companies web site and products.

If any anyone clicks on one of their links and makes a purchase, they earn a commission.

For example


Michael joins an affiliate program for a website that sells clothes.

He then has access to special links that contain a special referral code that identify him as the affiliate.

He posts his links on social media and to his blog.

When anyone clicks through the links to the clothes website and makes a purchase, he earns a commission.

The commission is 10%, so if he generates $1000 in sales, he earns $100 commission.

If he refers multiple people who total of $10,000 in sales, he earns $1000.

The more people he refers that produce sales, the more money he earns.

I have written an article that details affiliate marketing for beginners

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard To Do?


As with anything, there is a base skill set that needs to be learned if someone wants to be successful.

There are many terms and techniques that need to be acquired.

It is possible to just post links on social media and hope for the best.

But the financial results will be far less than if the correct techniques are applied in a structured and optimized manner.


One of the best, and long proven, methods is to start a blog related to the topic that relates to the products you are promoting.

A video games affiliate may start a blog that reviews games or talks about upcoming releases.

An affiliate that promotes indoor furnishings may start a blog based around interior decorating for example.

I have written articles on how to start a blog and also how to choose an affiliate niche


Some people also start YouTube channels to promote affiliate products.

The video game affiliate may start a review and trailer channel, then post the affiliate links in the description below the video.

You may have watched a review video and heard the person say “There is a link in the description”

These are almost always affiliate links to sites where the viewer can purchase the product and the video creator will earn a commission from any sales.


By now I’m sure you are interested in learning the skills set needed.

After all, being able to post links online and earn money sounds awesome.

You may also be wondering if anyone can do affiliate marketing?

The answer is yes!

Where Can You Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free?


There is plenty of information online about affiliate marketing.

This site is full of articles related to the topic.

However, it is far better to get professional training.

This will set you into the best position for success and ensure you don’t waste your time or start off on the wrong foot by making mistakes.

Some mistakes can get you banned from affiliate programs or even social media platforms.

So, as you can guess, it is far better to learn how to set things up correctly.


The best place I’ve encountered, and the place I personally use, is the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

They have been in business for 15 years and have 1.4 million members.

The training is broken down step by step and most aspects also include video tutorials.

There is a huge archive of training resources and all the tools you need are built into the platform.

Students can also network with each other via the built in social media platform.

There are two options of training for students.

There is the free basic training that is more than enough for you to explore the platform and to try out all of the training to see if affiliate marketing is right for you.

There is also a premium paid version that has a monthly fee which gives access to advanced training and tools for those who are committed to being successful at affiliate marketing.

You do not have to upgrade to the premium version, but many people do as they complete their basic training and realize the potential money to be made as their affiliate business takes off.


With the current situation in the world and the huge tend towards online shopping, affiliate marketing is becoming one of the best work from home online business models in existence.

Many people are already starting their training and setting up their online infrastructure ready for the holiday season boom.

For example, did you know that you can post affiliate links for sites such as Amazon, best buy, target, and just about any big name you can think of?

If you are interested, I have written a brief overview of Wealthy Affiliate that includes a link to the free affiliate marketing training membership

The holiday season is coming and there is going to be a lot of money made.

Affiliate marketing has the ability to produce money every single day of the year and 24 hours a day.

I wish you the greatest success!


Learn the skills needed with the Wealthy Affiliate free membership

Disclosure : The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at zero additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and purchase any extra services or tools in addition to the free membership.




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