How To Learn Affiliate Marketing


A lot of people are very interested in the prospect of making money from affiliate marketing, but can also be intimidated by the amount of learning required at first glance.

There are so many new aspects to learn, search engine optimization, keywords, social media marketing, the list seems endless.

Researching the topic on the internet can also be frustrating as their are so many self appointed gurus and an abundance of pre-packaged courses.

In this article we shall take a look at how to learn affiliate marketing.

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Teach Yourself Affiliate Marketing




It is not out of the realm of possibility for you to teach yourself how to do affiliate marketing by researching online.

There are plenty of websites that are full of information that will teach you many aspects of affiliate marketing.

Such information can be found in formats such as blogs, forums, videos, podcasts, and books.


If you are willing to spend time researching around the internet, it is possible to find the basics of affiliate marketing for free or at a relatively low cost.

However, the internet, and therefore affiliate marketing, are evolving constantly.

Information you find may already be out of date and could lead you to make critical mistakes with regards to search engine optimization (SEO)


For example, you may find an article that advises you to do certain SEO practices that were very effective and valid at the time the article was written two years ago.

Those same practices and techniques may now be frowned upon by search engines such as Google, and can actually greatly harm your SEO.

Bad SEO will lead to you not achieving good rankings in search results and therefore the amount of visitors you get to your content.

Affiliate marketing is centered around getting people to the content which has your affiliate links that earn you money.


*Certain bad SEO practices (Known as Black Hat Techniques) can actually get your site removed from Google results altogether.


If you wish to take a look at the basics of affiliate marketing in one place then please bookmark the homepage


What Is Affiliate Marketing


What Is Affiliate Marketing



Buy A Course




There are plenty of pre-packaged affiliate marketing training courses available online.

A huge amount in fact.

Such courses are usually created by experienced affiliates who create step by step courses that will teach you the basics and often special techniques.

I myself started with such a course many years ago and thought it was fantastic at the time.

As a beginner I of course did not have the knowledge to know the difference between good and bad information.

The course, which was not cheap, but far from as expensive as some I’m aware of, seemed like a great deal at the time.

Lot’s of promises of success so long as I followed the steps within.

It was pretty typical of such courses and was marketed with the usual backdrop of a luxury lifestyle ran from a laptop with an automated system blueprint.

Looking back, the course was not bad as such, it was very typical of the era and made large promises with regards to income potential.

Truth be told, I did implement this blueprint, and did make a small amount of money, but, of course nowhere even remotely close to what was portrayed.

As I gained experience in affiliate marketing, I discovered a common theme.

Almost all of these courses had their own “special techniques” at their core.

Such techniques are usually in a grey area as a far as SEO, and also were time sensitive.

A lot of these courses were the basics wrapped around a “special technique”, that with experience, became very apparent as being almost out of date.

Basically, some of these courses were using techniques that may have been a license to print money when they first hit the scene.

However, once the returns started to decline, the affiliate that created the technique would have the genius idea to package up the technique and sell it to other affiliates.

So what you are left with is, a course that does work, but not like it did originally, and an affiliate who has proof that it works from past earnings.

The affiliate can then show these past earnings as proof that the techniques work, but will obviously fail to mention that its nearing the end of its golden days.


This is not to say, that all pre-packaged courses are like this.

However, usually, the greater the earning potential and longevity of the techniques, the higher the price.

I have seen courses of “special techniques” that may cost $60 or so, but the best  and most long lived “special technique” courses can run into thousands of dollars.

It can be an expensive lesson to learn which ones will deliver the financial results promised and which will not.

As I mentioned earlier, the internet is constantly evolving, so what may work extremely well at the beginning may start to decline in results quicker than you expect.


If you do choose to buy a pre-packaged course I advise you to research it thoroughly before parting with your money.


Join An Affiliate Training Program




The third method of how to learn affiliate marketing, and the one I suggest, is to join an affiliate marketing training program.

Such programs are kept up to date, at least the good ones are, and offer step by step training that will guide users from a complete beginner through to advanced techniques.

Features vary from program to program but typically they are comprised of training in the form of articles and other formats such as video.

As a complete beginner you can start and learn at your own pace as you progress towards learning established advanced techniques rather than the “special techniques” usually found in pre-packaged courses.


The benefits of affiliate marketing training platforms are that you have all the information you need in one place laid out in a concise manner.

Some platforms have various useful tools and software built in, so you do not have to shop around for them as you would in the case of a pre-packaged course.

Such programs are usually updated frequently and therefore there is no need to worry about stale or black hat techniques.

Affiliate training programs of any decent quality are almost always behind a paywall and require an upfront payment in order to access and therefore look around.


However, the affiliate program I use offers a free trial and no credit card details or form of payment are needed in order to take a look around.


I have been a member of this program for several years and have found my greatest success since I have followed the training on there.

The training is divided into modules and leads the student from absolute beginner through to advanced techniques.

The training is in the form of articles, videos, and most days there are live training classes.

It has a lot of tools built into the platform that you will need in order to start affiliate marketing, such as website building software, templates for your site, a keyword research tool, and much more.

There is also a social media framework built in that allows students to contact and help each other 24 hours a day and also a live chat feature.


There are so many features on this platform that I strongly suggest that if you are serious about wanting to know how to learn affiliate marketing then you should take advantage of the free trial offer.

The free trial offer allows you to look around the platform and its resources with no need to enter any credit card details as a lot of training programs usually require.


Wealthy Affiliate offers step by step training right from absolute beginners to advanced cutting edge techniques.

The training is divided up into classes that are both article and video based in a lot of cases.

More classes are added all the time.

There is a built in WordPress platform that allows you to build and host your website within the platform.

Access to over 3000 WordPress Themes for free.

A built in Keyword research tool.

A built in Social Media platform that allows members to interact and help each other.

(This feature is really cool. The community there are awesome. Super friendly and helpful)

Access to what I believe to be the best Affiliate Marketing Training on the Internet today.

Here are some stats from their homepage.

1.4 Million Members

15 Years in Business

1800+ Expert Coaches

****I urge you not to miss out on the free trial, simply because I do not know if they have an end date for the offer in mind or not****

Are you interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing?

Are you serious about making money online?

Learn the techniques crucial to your success.

It’s FREE to take a look.


Free Membership





As you can see there are various ways to start your affiliate marketing training but not all are equal.

Again, my strongest suggestion is to join a training program and get intensive up to date education rather than rely on “special techniques”

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to learn affiliate marketing and please take the time to leave a comment.

I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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