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How To Get Into Affiliate Marketing


Beginners may first hear about affiliate marketing through a variety of sources.

They may hear it from friends, read about it on social media, see a video or ad on YouTube, or perhaps through articles.

Quite often their first encounter, if not from friends, is of a self proclaimed Guru trying to sell a course full of “secret techniques”

Rarely do they encounter professional information that actually tells them the truth about affiliate marketing and how to really learn the skill set needed to be successful.

In this article I aim to provide truthful and professional information rather than try to tempt you with wild claims of “The secrets to online riches”

I will tell you exactly how to get into affiliate marketing and find professional training.


First of all, what is affiliate marketing?


I’m going to assume that if you are reading this article, you are still researching affiliate marketing and will have encountered it only recently.

In this section I will start from the absolute basics of affiliate marketing and take you forward from there.


The concept itself is very simple.

All online businesses rely on people finding and purchasing their products.

Competition is fierce and the traditional methods such as social media are becoming saturated with seemingly endless streams of posts offering one product or another.

Advertising such as pay per click and video ads are also becoming expensive when compared to the returns they bring.

So, what are companies supposed to do in order to compete in a cost effective manner?

The answer is affiliate marketing.


A company will set up an affiliate program that will offer commissions or bounties for any sales generated.

A commission is a percentage of the sale total.

So, if a program paid 20% and a sale totaled $250, then the affiliate would earn $50.

A bounty is a fixed rate for an action.

A company may offer $10 for every referred person that joins a special offer, for example.


It is an affiliate marketer’s task to get as many people as possible to the companies products with the aim of earning the commissions or bounties.

The program will provide the affiliate with special links that contain a unique I.D.

This I.D. tells the program which affiliate sent the person when a sale is generated.

This ensures that the affiliate is credited for the sale and receives the commission or bounty.


The affiliate will then post these special links in various places such as, social media posts, blog posts, and video descriptions.

The affiliate will create content that is relevant to people who are looking for the products that the company sells.

For example, an affiliate who is promoting the products of a pet care company, would create content aimed at pet owners.

This may be blog articles, review or training videos , e-books, any kind of content that pet owners may find interesting.

They would then select products they think the pet owners would be interested in and post the special links to them in their content.

The more people that view the content, the more people are likely to click on the links and potentially purchase the products from the pet care product company.

For example, this video from the Rakuten Advertising YouTube channel shows the concept in action.


What do you need to get started in affiliate marketing?


The first thing you should consider is what kind of niche you are going to be promoting products from.

A niche is the topic you are going to be creating the content for that you will use to promote the products.

A niche can be broad or deep.

A broad niche would be “Weight loss”

A deep niche would be “Weight loss for men over fifty”

The difference is very simple.

The broad niche would have a far larger, and less targeted, customer base, but would also be far more competitive.

The deep niche is aimed at a specific type of customer and will often be far less competitive.

The deep niche also is aimed at a customer who is far more likely to spend because they are looking for specific information and products.

A person looking at “Weight loss” information, is most likely just starting out on their research and will be further away from actually making a purchase.

I have written an article that goes into far greater detail on how to choose an affiliate niche

The next thing you need to get started is the correct training.

How to get training in affiliate marketing?


Although the concept is very simple, as I explained above, it does require a certain skill set in order to be successful.

Simply posting links all over social media will not produce any results of note.

In order to be really successful and build an actual business that provides real income, you should get professional training.

I have written an article on what I believe to be the best affiliate marketing training available today


Below are more links to articles that will tell you more about how to become a professional affiliate marketer.



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