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How To Do Affiliate Marketing


In this article from what is affiliate marketing we look at how to do affiliate marketing.

For the purpose of this article we shall assume that you know very little about the topic and are at the very beginning of your research.

We will start with a brief overview of what affiliate marketing is and then we will look at the basics of how to do it.

Although it can be quite a complex topic in regards to the technical aspects, the actual concept is very straight forward

We will also look at what I consider to be the best free training available today.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?


First of all let’s take a basic look at affiliate marketing


Since the invention of the internet, e-commerce has grown at an amazing rate.

Rare is the company that does not have an online presence and shopping infrastructure for their customers.


The global e-commerce market is now in the Trillions of dollars per year.

Affiliate marketing gives anyone, willing to learn, a chance to take a slice of a huge and ever growing revenue pie.


To give a basic overview, affiliate marketing breaks down into the following.


A camping equipment company lists it’s products on its website.

The next thing they need is internet traffic to visit their site and hopefully buy their products.

The site is ranked in Google search results and the company has been busily building up their social media followings.

That is where you may think it would end.

Far from it.

The next move the company makes is to set up an affiliate marketing program.

The company decides to pay 10% commission to any affiliate that refers sales to them.

Banners and links are created as a resource for website owners to use for promoting the companies site and products.


Jenny has a blog that talks about outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

She finds the camping equipment companies website and decides to join the program.

Jenny then uses the banners and links the company provides by writing articles and inserting the banners and links into her work.

She then promotes the articles on social media.

Some of her articles reach a lot of readers and some click through the links and banners.

At the end of the month, Jenny has referred over $20,000 of sales to the company website.

Jenny receives 10% or $2000.


That, in a very basic nutshell, is affiliate marketing.


Now consider that Jenny is not the only affiliate promoting the camping equipment site.

There may be dozens, or even hundreds of people all promoting the site.

This can lead to some serious revenue for the company.


So, as you can see, it is extremely beneficial for companies to have affiliate programs.

Due to this fact, most will pay very attractive commissions in order to attract as many people as possible to promote their products.


What This Means For You


You are in a very nice position if you decide to learn affiliate marketing.

No matter what topic, or niche as it is often called, you are interested in, you are extremely likely to find a program that has great earning potential.


Affiliate marketing gives anyone willing to learn the chance to make money.

Some people use it as a way to make some extra money each month to pay the bills or pay off debt.

Others use it to create a full time income so they can quit their jobs and enjoy a life of freedom.

Then, there are what is known as “Super Affiliates”

These people earn millions of dollars per year all by working on their laptop.


OK, so now we have answered the question “what is affiliate marketing”

Now we will look at how to actually do it.




How To Do Affiliate Marketing


In this section we will split the basics into 7 steps that will give an overview of how to do affiliate marketing.


Choose a niche

Find affiliate programs

Set up blog

Set up social media

Create content



Choose A Niche


The first thing you will need to do, is to choose a niche.

A niche is a topic you are going to be writing about and it is also going to determine who you market to.


A broad niche would be something like “new tech gadgets”

A deep niche would be something like “best new cameras under $1000”


When choosing a niche you must first of all be certain of the following.

You are passionate about the subject.


If you are going to be working within a niche you had better be passionate about it because you are going to be spending a LOT of time researching and writing about it.

The subject must also be something that you are planning to stay informed on for years to come.

It is not wise to choose a new fad or because it is a phase you are having.

A tip I often give is to write down 52 ideas for articles.

This is one years worth of posts if you are planning to post once a week.

If you are planning to post 3 times a week, then that is 156 articles you will be writing in your first year.

Don’t get me wrong, if there is a new topic you are ultra passionate about and feel you can write enough content, then go ahead.

I advise to give consideration to how passionate you are because it will save you a lot of wasted time and frustration that will occur if you start out on a topic that you are set on long term.

Also, your enthusiasm will show in your writing.

If you are not passionate, you will write as such and it will show.

Creating such content is pointless because if you cannot pass on the enthusiasm to the reader, they most likely will not buy anything.

You are knowledgeable about the subject.


Again, if you are planning to market a niche long term, then you had better know what you are talking about.

Firstly, most consumers today research online before making a purchase of any significance.

Lets not forget they have come to your site looking for exactly that, trustworthy information that will decide for or against them making a purchase of a certain item.

If you stand out as the most informative and trustworthy you stand a far greater chance of making the sale than if you just give a brief overview and end with “click my link to buy here”

Also once you have started on a topic, you should endeavor to stay on top of all news and developments within the topic.

You are able to make money from the subject.


There is little to no point in putting in huge amounts of time and effort into a niche that has a low financial return for you.

This is not to say that you should only chase high price niches.

If you can get a good volume of sales from a low price point then that can actually be better in some cases than trying to chase sales for expensive items.


Find Affiliate Programs


Once you have chosen a niche/topic then you need to take a look at the available programs.

Affiliate programs may be “in house” by the actual vendor or may be managed by a 3rd party company.

To find programs you can either visit the site of the product you are aiming to promote or join an affiliate network.

Most sites that offer products will have their program on their website.

If you can’t find the program directly on the site then do a simple Google search.

company name affiliate program”

This usually will bring up the application page if it exists or at least information on which 3rd party network is offering the program.


Examples of 3rd party networks are and Rakuten

Set Up Blog


Once you have chosen your niche and found affiliate programs then you will need to set up a blog/website.

Setting up a blog is not as complex as newcomers may think.

There are a lot of platforms today that offer free blogging platforms and you can have a blog up and running within a few hours in most cases.

This site was put together using WordPress.

I have tried most of the platforms on the market today, and for me, WordPress sits as my platform of choice.

With WordPress you have a great deal of flexibility and the majority of websites online today use WordPress as their platform of choice.

Once you have set up your basic blog infrastructure, such as a homepage, then you will be adding content.

Content on a blog is typically articles, also known as posts.

The posts you write will be addressing topics related to your niche and will be the main part of your activities once you start affiliate marketing.

Your posts should be informative and also easy to navigate to other posts on your site via links.

You should aim to make your posts as great as possible quality wise so your readers are more prone to share them on social media and you therefore get more traffic to your blog.

I will describe social media in the next section.

I have written an article about how to start a blog

Set Up Social Media


Once you have set up your blog and added some content, you should then set up your social media presence.

There are many social media platforms these days, but there are a few that dominate the industry if the truth be known.







You should aim to be on all of these platforms, or at least some of them.

Do not take on more social media than you can handle!

Be present on as many platforms as you can, but do not overwhelm yourself with extra work that may hinder you from working on your blog.

Keeping up with posting on social media is one thing.

Keeping up with all the comments and questions from your followers is another.

In my opinion, it is best to be very good at marketing on several social media platforms than it is to be OK at many platforms.

Quick tip.

Firstly always add your blogs web address to your social media bio if and when possible.

Create social media posts that offer relevant information to your followers.

This will encourage them to share your work rather than if you keep blasting them with sales pitches.


*I will be adding articles dedicated to social media so be sure to bookmark the homepage of this site and also follow on social media.


Homepage : What Is Affiliate Marketing

Social Media : Follow On Social Media


Create Content


I mentioned briefly about creating content in the section above.

Blog posts, videos, podcasts, pictures, info-graphics, can all be considered as content.

Typically the main bulk of your content creation is going to be blog posts.

Blog posts are usually articles or reviews.

As an affiliate marketer you should aim to write informative articles that your readers will enjoy and also, very importantly, want to share on social media.

This is how posts go viral.

One person reads it, they share it with their followers on social media.

These people read it and some of them share it to their followers, and so the cycle goes…At least hopefully!


Your content should also be “keyword rich” but not “keyword stuffed”

A keyword is a word or phrase you are trying to rank in search engines for.

This is part of a topic you will have to become very proficient in.

Search engine optimization or SEO as it is known.

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your blogs content in order to be the most relevant, and therefore highest ranked, page in search engines.

The highest ranked sites enjoy getting the most traffic, and therefore potential revenue, when people search for the relevant keywords.

An article that has sufficient enough keywords within its text to rank is keyword rich.

Articles that just spam the same keywords over and over again are known as keyword stuffed.

Keyword stuffing is a fast way to ensure your site doesn’t rank in search engines.

The best policy is to research your keywords and then write naturally.

By doing this you ensure that the reader is presented with an article that makes sense and also the search engines are presented with an article that is relevant as far as keywords.


SEO is a huge and ever evolving topic, but crucial to your success online.


At the end of this post I will present what is the best way, in my opinion, to learn SEO and all the other topics I have mentioned in this article.



Now you have your blog set up and its got some content for people to read.

Your site is search engine optimized.

You have social media presence on several platforms.

What’s next?

Promote your work.


This is the backbone of affiliate marketing.

Promoting or marketing your content, and therefore affiliate links, to attain as many readers as possible.


To promote your work, outside of ranking in search engines, you can use the following techniques.

Social Media


As I mentioned earlier, social media is a great way to get your content in front of as many people as you can.

The power of social media to promote your work is head and shoulders above most other techniques, even search engines in some cases.

Some platforms integrate hashtags which can be utilized to produce amazing results if your keywords start to trend.

For example.

Let’s say I’m promoting this site on social media.

A good hashtag for me to use is of course #affiliatemarketing

But, if the hashtag #homebusiness was trending it would be very wise and beneficial for me to use that and tap into the traffic its generating.



A technique that is often overlooked is using the power of e-books.

An E-book is simply a book that is in the form of a digital file.

Amazon Kindle is a great example of this format.

Millions of Kindle books are downloaded every single month.

An affiliate marketing technique is to write an e-book that addresses your chosen niche topic.

Within the book you include a link back to your site (not affiliate links in kindle books as it is against the terms of service)

Amazon typically allows you to price the book as free periodically.

When this opportunity arises, take it, then promote your free book far and wide.

As your book is downloaded multiple times from your promotion, it will also cause the Amazon algorithms to kick in and promote the book on their site.

This can lead to a large amount of downloads, all taking your site link with them.

OK, so all this is great, but very brief, how can I learn to really be successful at affiliate marketing?


In my opinion the best place to learn affiliate marketing is over at Wealthy Affiliate


I have been a member for several years now and, if the truth be known, I didn’t attain any real consistent success until I joined and followed their training courses.


There are a lot of affiliate training courses available online, but I have found none that matched the levels of success I found thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.


Most courses are pre-bundled packages that are sold as a “secret technique” that make wild promises of earning online money that are rarely, if ever, fulfilled.


Wealthy Affiliate, however, is vastly different.

They have compiled the training in step by step, easy to follow, courses that are comprised of tasks.

Each task will help you understand and implement affiliate marketing techniques.

Most include videos that show you in real time exactly what is talked about in the task at hand.

No vague or hard to follow lessons that are filled with terminology that is barely explained like most courses.

If something is mentioned, it is described and also shown in practical use in the videos.

The owners, Kyle and Carson, are very dedicated to their business and want truly their users to succeed.

After all, the more people that succeed, the more successful their business is.

So it is in their best interests to see YOU succeed.

The platform has a large selection of lessons from the very basics for beginners, right through to advanced techniques for veteran affiliates.

It also has a built in social media members only platform that allows you to ask questions from other beginners and also seasoned affiliates.

The community is one of, if not THE, most friendly and helpful I have experienced.

What is also great is that there are members from all over the world, so no matter what time zone you are in, there will be people online ready and willing to help.

You can also build and host your website from within the platform, with a huge library of ready to install templates available.


I can sit here and type up many more benefits of Wealthy Affiliate, but why not just head over and take a look for yourself…


There is a no strings attached free trial available for you to take a look around and see the amazing resources they have.

You can also see what I mean about the amazing community.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!



Learn the details and benefits of this free course in the what is wealthy affiliate guide


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