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How To Choose A Niche


In this article we are going to look at how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing.

Your choice of niche can greatly impact your target market and therefore your potential income.

It will dictate what kind of products you promote, your type of customers, and also the amount of revenue potential in many cases.

It will also be the topic you will be spending a lot of time working within, so your interest and knowledge levels are very important factors.

We will go step by step through the process of starting off on the right foot.


Step 1 – What Are You Passionate About?


The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of topic you are passionate about.

The reason this is the first step is actually quite simple.

If you are entering into any kind of business whether online or offline, you need to be passionate about it because you are going to be spending a lot of time working within that topic.

It really is that simple.

A lot of people make the mistake of choosing a niche base purely upon the amount of money they believe they can make.

Granted, you do not want to choose a niche so narrow that you will not make any money from it.

On the other hand, you do not want to get into a niche that bores you to tears or which you know little about.

For this step you really need to be honest with yourself.

“Can you honestly see yourself working hour after hour, month after month, year after year, within this topic?”

If you are going to blog about a certain niche/topic, can you come up with at least 50 potential article titles and content for it?

Getting into a niche simply because you see money in it has a greater chance of failure than of success.

You will not have enough knowledge and therefore new information to bring to the table.

You will also not have the drive needed to produce content long term and will soon dread working on your business.

Choose a niche that excites you (This will fuel your work rate) and also that you can produce a decent amount of content for on a long time frame. (Success online requires long term content creation).

Examples Of Broad Affiliate Marketing Niches


Video Games


Pet Care


As you can see that is quite a varied list!

This is because there are affiliate marketing programs for pretty much anything you can think of.

You can also drill down into a niche to target a more specific aspect and therefore type of customer within the niche.

This not only makes it easier to create targeted content, it also potentially reduces the competition you may face.

Examples Of Deep Affiliate Marketing Niches


Weight Loss For Men Over 40.

MMO PC Games.

Best Tents For Winter Camping

Cat Toys And Treats

1980’s Rock Music


Step 2 – What Niche Do You Know A Lot About?


As I mentioned earlier, if you are starting affiliate marketing you need to be able to create a lot of content.

Content is usually articles and reviews that people interested in the niche will find interesting and informative.

In order for it to meet this criteria, quite bluntly, you need to know what you are talking about.

There are a lot of people who start without considering the steps in this article and simply see dollar signs.

These are the exact people who dash in and realize, typically at a non too distant later date, that they have run out of ideas for content.

They also usually find that because they are lacking knowledge in their field that their sales conversion rates are low.

They are often the people who run around saying that affiliate marketing doesn’t work.

It does work and people are making a lot of money.

Every year more companies join the ranks of the huge world famous companies that already have established affiliate programs for their products.

For example, Amazon has one of the largest affiliate programs in the world.

No one can truthfully say that affiliate marketing is a waste of time if Amazon makes it a core part of their business model.

If you ensure that you are knowledgeable on the niche you choose, it will show in your content and build trust and authority with your readers.

People who trust your content are more likely to click the links within and become potential sales.

If a person reads an article and it is thin on informational content, then they are far less likely to click any affiliate product links.

A review that gives all kinds of details about a products features and gives an educated opinion is far more trustworthy than one that is a brief overview.

Try the simple exercise I suggested earlier.

Grab a pen and paper.

Write down 50 ideas for articles and content (You may choose to do some video reviews for example) related to your chosen niche.

If you can do this with relative ease, then you have most likely chosen a niche that is right for you.

If you can only come up with half as many, then you can still go into the niche if you really want to.

You will find that as you write an article, it will inspire ideas for others.

If, however, you struggle to come up with less than 20 I would give careful consideration to choosing that niche.

This is not a timed exercise, so do not think that you have to come up with 50 ideas in a matter of minutes.

You can take as long as you like.

But the longer it takes, the less likely it is that the niche is the one for you.

Also, you should be able to write detailed and quality content for these ideas.

As I mentioned above, there’s little point if the actual articles are not going to be informative to the reader and trigger them to click your affiliate links.


Step 3 – Research Your Potential Customers


Before you settle on a niche you should also do some customer research.

To do this you can do simple steps such as the following.

Do a Google search for product reviews and see what type of people are leaving comments.

If the demographic is for example, seniors, then you are going to market to them in a different way than a younger demographic.

You will also find them online in certain social media groups and not others.

You should then search for social media groups related to your niche.

Most likely you will see a lot of the same demographic and this will help you with regard to not only finding your potential customers, but also on what kind of content they may enjoy.

It will show you what kind of content they are most responsive to and also interested in via likes, comments, and re-posts.

Your content is the core of your marketing strategy so I’m sure you would agree that the more tailor made it is, the more likely it will convert into sales.

Demographics are a huge part of all marketing and affiliate marketing is no exception to the rule.

If you know your customers preferences, where to find them, and then present them with tailored content that’s based upon their preferences.

You are in position to make money.

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Step 4 – Research Your Competition


Now you need to see who is already marketing these customers and how they are doing it.

To do this simply do a Google search for information relevant to your niche.

Search for product reviews of products you know of.

If your were in the photography niche you may search for reviews of a certain new camera model.

Take a good look at the top 3 results and read the reviews in detail.

Survey the layout of the page and make sure to read the comments at the bottom.

This will show you the type of content that is ranking in search results and also how people are responding in comments.

You can also see how you can produce better content tailored to your potential customers.

You may find via the comments that people find the comment too short and scarce on details.

Comments will also have questions that are not answered in the actual review.

This can give you ideas for content you can create that answers this question.

If you find that certain sites frequently turn up in top search results for various products in your niche, then you can assume that they are considered an authority in that topic.

Take a look at their site and see how it’s laid out.

See what kind of content they are creating and what comments are being left by site visitors.

You will most likely find links to the sites social media, which you should also take a look at for research.

These sites will be your competitors in the niche.

If it’s working for them, it can work for you.

Also you can look for things they are lacking on their site and use that info to design your site and marketing strategy.


Step 5 – Can You Make Money From It?


The most crucial aspect is of course to research the potential revenue in your niche.

When you did the research in the earlier steps you will have noticed that some products get more attention and favorable comments than others.

Find out where people are typically buying these items and then research where they are available as part of an affiliate program.

This is actually a lot easier than you may think.

One way is to simply go on to Amazon and see if the product is doing well on there.

If it is, then you can consider joining the Amazon affiliate program.

You can also join affiliate networks such as Rakuten who are host to affiliate programs for many famous brands and products.

Some companies also host their own affiliate programs and you will usually find a link to the information on their homepage.

Things to consider are , price range of products, commission percentage, and potential sales volume.

For example, a product that sells at $300 and gets you 10% per sale but rarely sells is not a great option.

A product that is $50 at 10% commission but sells like hot cakes is a great option.

Better to sell twenty $50 items a day than to sell one $300 item a week.

You are looking at $700 a week vs $30 a week in commissions in that scenario.

Bear in mind there are affiliate programs for some products that have price points of thousands of dollars.

For example you may choose to be in the luxury watch niche.

If you can refer people to 10 people a week to a type of watch that is $5000 and the commission is 10%

You are looking at 10% of $50k which is $5k a week in commissions heading to your bank account.

This is why I suggest strongly advise doing the steps in this research guide in order to choose the best niche for yourself to work in.

In case you are new to affiliate marketing I will briefly mention the fact that these commissions come from people who click through your affiliate link and buy the product you recommended.

You do not have to handle any of the sales process or product at any stage.

You simply earn the money from referring the customer via your link.

Most affiliate programs and networks will require you to already have a website set up and running, so ensure you have that in place before applying.

I have written an article here on how to start a blog



Choosing a niche is a very important first step when you are entering affiliate marketing.

As you can see from the research steps above, it really can determine the fate of your endeavors to a large degree.

Do not think that only low priced products are the ones that will sell.

It’s all about matching people to products by creating informative content that people will enjoy and feel inspired to buy the product that it promotes.

When someone is planning a big purchase they are more likely to research it online rather than just dash out and buy the first thing they come across.

If they are searching for reviews and information about the product, they are most likely a potential sale in the making.

It may just be your piece of content that tips them over from researcher to purchaser via your links.

If you complete the steps in this guide you are going to better informed on how to choose a niche.

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