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Holiday Season Of 2020 – Gold Rush For Affiliate Marketing?

Although online shopping has been increasing year after year for quite a while now, 2020 is going to be an historic benchmark.

Due to the various social policies, the threats of further lockdowns, and the current levels of unrest in many urban areas, online shopping is set to surge.

Many stores are having to deal with greatly decreased capacities as social distancing guidelines limit the amount of people in a store at one time.

The scenes of crowds heaving through doors to be first at the bargains are not going to be present this year.

In this article we will look at the various factors that will ensure that the 2020 holiday season will be a gold rush for affiliate marketing.


The perfect storm for an affiliate marketing gold rush


When the lockdowns were first announced in the early part of 2020, any non – essential stores were closed.

No ifs, buts, or maybes.

This lead to many malls and shopping centers across the world being completely deserted.

Although needed, the lockdowns destroyed many small businesses and local economies.

If something could not be purchased from a business deemed as essential enough to remain open, then the only place it could be purchased was online.

While store owners were in despair as their stock sat on shelves behind locked doors, online retailors were experiencing a boom.

The entire world were sat at home trawling social media feeds, video channels, shopping websites, and other online content.

Within some of this content were affiliate links.

In product review video descriptions, blog posts, and social media posts.

People clicked the links, were directed to the product page on a shopping site, and made purchases.

Both online retailers and affiliates made money while the world stood still.


This holiday season, with the threat of further lockdowns and the ongoing social policies, the online shopping surge is set to boom.



Offline stores are going to suffer


Even if a store is located in an area that does not enter a second lockdown, they are still looking at a grim holiday season.

As I mentioned above, many social policies will still impact the number of people allowed in a location.

Can you imagine Black Friday shoppers being allowed in one by one to get the “Door buster” deals?

I honestly think we will see trouble at some locations, and I also think that most people simply will not bother to shop offline.

We have all seen the frenzied crowds scuffling over the limited supplies of bargain electronic goods etc.

People will be forced to stand and wait in line as the people in front of them are allowed to shop for the bargains.

Most people simply will not bother.

They will shop online.

Black Friday, Christmas, and of course, Cyber Monday.

Offline retailers will suffer and online retailers will thrive.


Many companies are going to turn to affiliate marketing


Due to the sheer volume of online shopping, and the potential for revenue, competition is going to be fierce.

Many companies are going to be relying on affiliate marketers to help drive traffic to their products.

Social media is going to be saturated with posts all vying for attention.

Video advertising costs are likely to soar in price.

Affiliates only get paid on results.

When someone buys, the affiliate earns money.

In other words, when a product is sold, only then does the company have to pay any form of compensation for the affiliates efforts.

Unlike social media teams and video advertising, affiliates only cost the company money if money is made for the company.

This is an extremely attractive business model for online companies.

It is also an extremely attractive business model for people who want to work from home and earn money online.


How can you learn affiliate marketing and profit from online shopping?


Affiliate marketing takes a certain skill set.

It is an established business model used by some of the largest online shopping sites in the world.

Amazon is the most famous example.

Yes, it’s true, you can earn money by sending people to products on Amazon if they make purchases.

Most of the famous sites you can think of now have affiliate programs.

I have written an article on affiliate programs if you wish to learn more

But joining an affiliate program is only part of what is needed.

Simply joining a program and posting links will not lead to any degree of noteworthy success.

There are certain skills and techniques that will need to be implemented if you wish to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

If you wish to learn more about affiliate marketing, I have written an article that is a step by step guide to affiliate marketing 

You can also read affiliate marketing for beginners


Further Reading




Beginners may first hear about affiliate marketing through a variety of sources.

They may hear it from friends, read about it on social media, see a video or ad on YouTube, or perhaps through articles.

In this article I aim to provide truthful and professional information rather than try to tempt you with wild claims of “The secrets to online riches”

I will tell you exactly how to get into affiliate marketing and find professional training.

How to get into affiliate marketing



Black Friday is always a great time for affiliate marketing.

It is the start of the online shopping boom for the holiday season.

How is this going to shape this years holiday season shopping?

I suspect it is going to be one of the greatest years of all time for online retailers, and one of the worst for traditional retail stores.

Is this Black Friday going to be the perfect opportunity for affiliate marketers?

Black Friday the perfect opportunity for affiliate marketing



With the current trend towards online shopping, many people are starting to consider learning affiliate marketing.

People are realizing that the potential for profit in referral marketing is growing and set to soar.

But where can you learn affiliate marketing for free?

How to learn affiliate marketing for free


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