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Does Affiliate Marketing Work?


When people first encounter affiliate marketing they are usually presented with the amount of money that can be made.

Self pro-claimed Guru’s give the industry a bad name by trying to sell their courses with promises of overnight riches and images of sports cars etc.

People often buy their courses and end up failing because they have been given the false illusion that it is really easy to make money so long as you use the Guru’s system.

Truth be told, you can make a lot of money.

Some of the top affiliates in the world make millions of dollars per year.

But it does take a degree of hard work, and also, working smart.

In this article we will look at the truth of the matter.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?


First of all I’m going to touch briefly on what affiliate marketing actually is for those of you who may be new to the topic.


Quite simply, the competition for online sales between companies and brands is extremely fierce.

Most will have their own social media teams and paid online advertising campaigns to drive traffic, and therefore sales, to their websites.

However, social media experts and paid advertising are becoming increasingly expensive.

So, a lot of companies utilize affiliate programs.

An affiliate program is where they pay a commission or bounty for referred traffic that make a purchase of their products or services.

For example.

A home furnishings company may have a website to sell their products.

They decide to set up an affiliate program that pays 10% on any referred sales.


Lauren has a interior design blog on which she writes articles about cool ways to furnish your home etc.

She joins the affiliate program and then has access to various links that allow her to put images of the companies products on her blog.

The links contain an unique affiliate I.D. that tells the company that Lauren sent the referral if the customer ends up purchasing from the companies website.

Lauren inserts the various links and images on her blog content and continues to write more blog articles and posts them to her social media account.

Between blog traffic from Google and her social media, Lauren refers several hundred people to the companies website.

At the end of the month, Lauren’s referrals have resulted in $12000 in sales over on the companies website.

Lauren is then paid 10% or $1200.

What is really nice, is that Lauren’s articles may produce money month after month for years to come.

So the more she writes, the more potential she has to earn affiliate commissions from referring customers to the companies website.

It’s a win win situation for both Lauren and the company.

Companies love affiliate programs because they generate a lot of money, and also the affiliates do not cost them a penny unless they actually earn a commission via referral.

I have written an article what is affiliate marketing that goes into further detail.




Does It Work?



Some of the biggest companies in the world employ affiliate programs, and would not invest in them so heavily if they did not work.

For example, Amazon has one of the largest, and oldest, programs in the world.

People are earning a living, some are making a fortune, from referring people to products on Amazon.

Here is a quick list of very large and famous companies with affiliate programs.


Amazon Affiliate Program

Best Buy Affiliate Program

Apple Itunes Affiliate Program


There are plenty of people making extra money each month from affiliate marketing.

A substantial amount earning a full time living.

People making absolute fortunes are not as rare as you may think.


The reason you may hear negative things about affiliate marketing is because, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are people selling get rich quick courses.

Here is the flat truth.

Affiliate marketing takes a skill set, hard work, perseverance, and patience.

That is the truth.

Anyone who tells you that you can quit your job and be lounging on a beach within a few weeks is flat out trying to make their money from their courses.

Look at it like this.

If their “Multi Million Dollar” courses were so great, then why are they selling them to everyone and their dog?

Wouldn’t that sudden flood of competition kill their multi million dollar cash cow?

Now I’m not saying every course out there is scam or doesn’t work.

There are some fantastic courses out there, but they are often very realistic about what is entailed.

They will not make claims of you being able to fly on private jets three weeks after implementing their “secret techniques” or “turn key system”

Honest courses will tell you exactly what is involved.

Learn the skills.

Put the work in.

You will make money.


How much money can be dictate by all kinds of factors.

Commission rates.

Competition for traffic.

Likely traffic per month.

Conversion rates.


Now, if you have the correct formula of the above on a popular and well priced product….You can make a lot of money.

That is the truth of the matter.

I have written an article affiliate marketing explained that goes into further detail.




How To Learn Affiliate Marketing


As I mentioned above, affiliate marketing takes a skill set to implement properly for success.

You have to learn all kinds of different skills such as,

How to correctly build a blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to correctly use social media.


The great thing with this skill set is you can also use them to set up an online business to sell your own products or even work as a consultant for businesses in your area.




How To Learn Affiliate Marketing


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