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Choosing A Domain Name


One of the most important aspects of beginning affiliate marketing, or any venture designed to make money online, is choosing a domain name.

There are various questions you have to ask yourself.

Do you want a branded domain name?

Do you want keywords in the name?

Will it be a combination?

In this article we will look at this important topic.


What Is A Domain Name?


First of all let’s start off with the absolute basics.

A domain name is the name and address of your site, to put it in simple terms.

So, for example, this site’s address is

If you glance upwards you will see that the address is in the URL bar up at the top of your browser.

URL, stands for “Universal Resource Locator”.


So, when you do a search request in a search engine such as Google, it will bring up a list of websites with a basic description of the page and the URL

Your browser can then connect to the address to retrieve the information you want if you decide to click on the link to that site.

The same procedure is also used when you click on a link within page content.


For example, a link to one of my other pages from this page could look like this how to choose a niche

But the reason the writing is in blue is because it is a link that contains the URL to redirect your browser to another page.

The URL attached to the link is this

The writing in blue is known as anchor text.

Anchor text can be anything you want, but typically people tend to use keywords relevant to that page.




Choosing A Domain Name


So now you understand the basics of what a domain is, we can look at what kind may be best for you.



A branded domain might be the name of your business or even your own name.

Branded names can usually be a lot easier to rank in search engine results than keyword domains.

I will describe keyword domains below.


The reason branded names rank easier is because there is usually not that much, if any, competition for the search request needed to bring up the site directly.


An example I will give is Zillow, the real estate website.

How many people use that word on a daily basis in normal conversation not connected to real estate?

If it’s not zero, I will be shocked!

It is very distinctive and now people connect that word to a real estate website.

Nothing else.

Obviously they will be the first result you see in a search engine if you type in that word.


Your own name as a domain can also be easy to rank, but, if you have a common name, then most likely that domain is already gone.


So the way around this is to use your name and your business type.

Let’s say your name is John Smith and you are creating a blog on affiliate marketing tips.

You could have “johnsmithsaffiliatetips” as your domain and would rank very easily for that brand search term.

This is what I call a mixed term domain.

However, it is going to take a LOT of work to get that site to rank for search terms such as “affiliate marketing tips“.

Can it be done?


Will it be easy or quick?

Absolutely not.

But, that is not to say that various pages within the site can’t rank for various search terms.

With the correct SEO (Search Engine Optimization), some good quality content and back linking strategy, the site can rank for whatever it wants.

The thing to remember, is that search engines are looking for the best and most relevant content to provide users in search results.

The days of a short thin content page ranking top just because it has the correct keywords in it’s domain are gone.

Keywords in the domain can help, but they are not as big a factor as they once were.

The key now is quality content.

Provide better content than the competitors for that search term and you will, or should, rank top, eventually.

The benefits of a branded domain are as follows.

Usually cheap to purchase the domain.

Typically easy to get ranked for the direct search term.

Can be easy for people to remember. (Good for returning visitors or word of mouth promotion)

Here is a quick video about SEO from the Godaddy YouTube Channel



Keyword Rich Domain


Another version of a domain you can decide upon is a keyword rich domain.

A keyword rich domain could be something like “”

If the site was correctly optimized for search engines and had plenty of content, it could rank top for the search term “laptops”

However, such a domain would be classed as premium domain.

Premium domains usually cost a lot of money.

A new brand domain, would probably cost you a few dollars.

A premium could cost you thousands of dollars.


But, do not lose hope just yet.

Increasingly, people are using what is known as “long tail keywords” for their search requests.

A long tail keyword search might be something like “Best laptops for gaming”.

So, if you were to be able to buy something like “” you would be in a very good position.

I’m guessing that domain is already taken by the way and probably worth a chunk of money.

But for examples sake it demonstrates my point.


When choosing a keyword rich domain, it is best to sit and research a list of keywords you would like to target.

Not only for your domain, but for your niche. (Topic of your website, such as “laptops” or “affiliate marketing”)

This will not only give you ideas for a domain name and future content for your blog, but it will also help you research competition for search rankings.


If you want to know how to search for keywords, the tool I use is Jaaxy

If you wish to take a look at Jaaxy use the link below.


You can get 30 free searches here from Jaaxy


Where Can You Buy Domains?


There are plenty of places on the internet where you can buy domains.

A simple Google search will bring up plenty of options.


However, the one I personally use, and one of the most famous in the world, is Godaddy.

I have used them for around a decade now and had zero problems from them.

I own in excess of 30 domains and all were purchased from them.


One tip I will give you is to opt for the private registration for your domain.

When you look around the site, it will give you in depth details on that topic.


I do, however, use WordPress to build my sites and host them elsewhere.

Not that Godaddy is bad for those features, not at all, its just I have a platform I use that has everything I need integrated, including WordPress and hosting, all in one place.

That place is Wealthy Affiliate by the way. It is an affiliate and online marketing training platform that I recommend to my readers.

I have also used them for many years and had zero problems.


Here is a link to information on Wealthy Affiliate


Here is a video from YouTube that shows Godaddy in action


If you wish to take a look here is a link




When choosing a domain, it is best to do some research, as I suggest above, before committing to buying one.

Changing your template or website appearance is a lot easier than realizing that your choice of domain is undesirable to you at a later date.

Your domain name will heavily influence your business.

Be it branded, keyword rich, or a mix.

You have to be certain that the domain you are building your business around is suitable and one you will be happy with long term.


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