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Affiliate Marketing From Your Phone – Step By Step


When people think of making money with affiliate marketing, they typically think of creating a blog and ranking it with search engine optimization.

But there are other methods.

The one we will look at here is by using your mobile phone.

Although, creating a blog is by far the most effective method, you can utilize your social media accounts to post links.

You can do this from anywhere by using your phone.

So, let’s look at how to do affiliate marketing from your phone.

Step 1 – Choose An Affiliate Niche

Below I will combine all the steps into one example


The first thing you need to do is choose an affiliate niche.

A niche is a topic that will influence the the type of products you will be promoting.

Examples of affiliate niches are, electronics, weight loss, outdoors, travel, pet care, jewelry, etc.

Pretty much any topic you can think of will have affiliate products.

Because you are not focusing on blog content, you only have to think about what kind of products you will promote and not what kind of content you would write about as a blogger.


I have written an article on choosing an affiliate niche if you require more details.

Step 2 – Find Affiliate Programs


The next step is the most tricky part.

Most affiliate programs will want you to apply to them before they allow you to access the links to promote their products.

Many applications will want you to have a website/blog as well as social media.

But, there are programs that do not consider it a requirement.

To find ones within your chosen niche, you will have to do your own research.

To do this is actually quite simple.

Google “your chosen niche affiliate programs” and start looking at their application forms.

Some will allow you to join without a website, but others will require one without exception.

This is to ensure people are not spamming their products all over the internet and gaining their company a bad reputation.

I will show you how to promote properly, and without spamming, further down in this guide.

One place that has affiliate programs that do not require websites is Clickbank

I have written a guide to finding affiliate programs

Step 3 – Set Up Social Media


Once you have been approved for an affiliate program within your chosen niche, the next thing to do is decide which social media platforms you are going to utilize.

Again, you will have to check which platforms allow affiliate links.

Most do, but some of the big names like Instagram do not, apart from having one link in your bio.

Research your platforms, and when you find which ones you can use, then take a look around and see what kind of accounts, who are also in your niche, are already active on the platform.

You may, and probably will, find that there are already affiliates within your niche on the platform.

Take a look at how they operate and how successful they seem to be.

This can be attained by checking out how many followers they have and how much interaction their posts get.

If it seems to be working for them, then there is no reason it won’t work for you as well!

If you decide the platform can work for you, then set up an account on the platforms you want to use.

Choose account names that are related to your niche and also that are memorable and noticeable.

Be sure to set up your profile page in a professional and well put together manner.

If you are serious about making money from affiliate marketing, and building a brand on that platform, then put in the effort and you will get better results.

Step 4 – Start Building A Following And Posting Links


To do this, simply do as the step title suggests.

Make good quality posts and include your affiliate links.

Use relevant hashtags and also look for groups on the platform related to your niche.

Follow relevant people in your niche and interact with their content.

For example, if you are on twitter, then be sure to follow people, like and retweet any good posts you see.

Be sure to leave comments etc.

You will find that the more you interact in a positive manner with other users, the more they will return the favor.

Now here is something I want to highlight.

Do Not

And I mean DO NOT.

Spam comments all over other peoples posts.

If you are going to leave a comment, make sure it adds to the conversation and is not a thinly veiled attempt to hijack the thread in order to draw attention to your affiliate links.

One thing I despise, and it is the absolute bottom of the barrel of weak affiliate marketing, is when people do the following.

I can’t count how many times I have posted some quality content that has attained a lot of views, retweets, and likes, only to be swarmed by comments from weak affiliates.

Typically they will put “Nice post!, BTW you can earn xxx per day if you follow this amazing system “link”

When there’s one, more will follow.

Before you know it, your post will look like a cheap classified ad section for flimsy scam products.

These people and this practice are one of the main reasons online marketing and make money online has an undeserved bad reputation.

These people are not professional affiliates, they are simply desperately chasing pennies and have zero knowledge about affiliate marketing.

If they did have even basic knowledge, they would avoid such practices like the plague.

Typically I just laugh at them, but I can see why people get annoyed.

If you are going to leave comments, make them useful and part of the conversation.

Don’t embarrass yourself by following the spammers techniques.

Create good quality posts and content that people will want to view and share with others.

Example Of All The Steps In Practice


Anna decides to do affiliate marketing within the jewelry niche and finds an affiliate program that allows her to join without having a website or blog.

She then researches social media platforms that allow affiliate links.

She takes a look around the platform and finds that there are affiliates already operating within her niche.

They have large followings and their posts seem to be enjoyed by users.

Next she thinks up a name for her account and decides to go with “Daily jewelry deals”

The name is available across the platforms, so she sets up accounts and makes professional looking profile pages.

She also states in the bio that it is an affiliate account that will be linking to third part shopping sites.

This is important as you should, and are required by either platform rules or law in most cases, to announce that you are an affiliate.

Once set up, she selects some products she is going to promote for the daily deals.

She then posts the links to her social media and includes relevant hashtags.

As her posts are viewed by people, she starts picking up followers who like and share her posts.

This gets her links and account in front of more people and so the cycle goes.

Anna also follows other accounts in her niche and leaves relevant comments from time to time on their content.

She also shares any of their content that will be relevant to her own followers.

The other accounts notice that she is active and helping their content spread, so in turn they do the same for her.

Anna now has a very basic affiliate business on social media,

This business can be ran from her mobile phone.


If you are interested in learning how to really be successful at affiliate marketing, you really should get the correct training and set up your infrastructure using established and professional techniques.

To get this training for free, yes free, you should take a look at my post on free affiliate marketing training

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