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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Affiliate Marketing

In this article we are going to look at 5 reasons why you should learn affiliate marketing.

There is no doubt that the amount of money that can be made online is staggering.

But this is not the only reason.

The world is changing and tech skills are surging in demand.

The affiliate marketing skill set can be applied to many aspects to create success in this new world.

Why You Should Learn Affiliate Marketing


To begin this article let’s have a basic overview.


Affiliate marketing, at it’s core, is simply online marketing.

The skill set is pretty much the same.

Today, online marketing is huge and an integral part of life.

Every time you go on blogs or social media, you will come across paid advertisements and posts promoting one thing or another.


A lot of businesses are moving an increasing amount of their focus to online ventures.


People are now finding employment as social media consultants etc.

Others are starting their own online businesses and need to build followings and attract traffic to their content.


The basic skills needed for all of these, and many more, online business models are to be found in one place when you learn affiliate marketing.

So by learning this skill set you can then apply them to other ventures you may have planned, or even use them to find employment.


Affiliates work on a simple core principle.

Traffic = Revenue.

The more people they get to view their content (That has the links to products they get paid a commission on) the more potential they have to make money.


This applies to all online business models.

More people viewing the content, the more chance of making money.

It really is that simple.

Sure, you need quality content and products, but without people viewing the content, then it really makes no difference how good it is.

A crappy page that receives thousands of views a day will most likely produce more revenue than an amazing page that only receives 70 views a month.

It’s just a fact.

Of course, if you can get quality content and products in front of thousands of people per day…


Without further delay, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should start to learn the affiliate marketing skill set.

Starting Your Own Online Business


You, like many others, may have interest in starting your own online business.

This could be your own products that you buy wholesale and resell or it could be that you are an aspiring author who wants to self publish.

You may want to start your own YouTube channel or become a social media influencer.

There are many business models and ways to make money online.


To be successful, you will have to build social media followings and also attract traffic from search engines.


As I mentioned above, learning affiliate marketing will give you the skill set required in order to achieve success.

Employment Is Increasingly Requiring Internet Skills


As more businesses move their focus to online revenue, the need for skilled individuals increases.

This can be an opportunity or an obstacle for you in the future depending on your skill set.


The skill set is not as hard as you may think to learn and has a multitude of applications that is only set to increase in the future.


If you are unhappy at your job, but do not have the desire to start a full time online business, you could learn the skill set and start a new and more lucrative career.

I personally think, and so do many experts far more qualified than me, that the future employment market is going to be heavily tilted towards online skill sets.

Most people seem to be oblivious to the fact that the world evolves and that if they do not evolve with it, they will get left behind or at least at a disadvantage.


For example, this video from the Lauren Berger YouTube Channel talks about social media jobs


Earn Extra Money Each Month


Everyone likes to have extra money coming in.

But did you know that some people use the internet as a way to earn extra money each month as a supplement to their job income?


There are many people out there that have small online businesses such as blogs, small online stores , self published books, YouTube channels, etc, that produce an extra income stream each month.


Students, Retirees, Stay at home mothers, all kinds of people are making extra money online to help with bills, day to day living, and even to reduce debt.


Would you like to have extra money coming in each month?

I have written an article here that goes into this topic in greater detail.




Can anyone do affiliate marketing and be successful?


Income Security


As I said earlier, the job market place is evolving.

The internet and tech in general is becoming a dominating factor.


A lot of what were considering safe vocations in the past are being replaced by technology.

It’s a fact that a lot of people choose to ignore.

Technology is designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind.

For evidence of its impact, consider the following.


A lot of manual labor jobs have been replaced by technology, with more set to be replaced in the coming years.


How many jobs have been lost or impacted due to business models being replaced by technology and the internet?


Two examples from the near past.


Newspaper and Magazine Industry.

Printing companies, delivery people, and all their related suppliers etc, all mostly obsolete, or greatly reduced, thanks to online mediums such as websites/blogs and social media advertising.


Video rental companies and cable subscriptions.

Both are dead or dying due to online streaming services. Imagine how many people were laid off as this transpired. Installation staff, sales people, support staff, staff at physical rental stores. I’m sure it impacted a lot more people than we may realize. Granted, people could get jobs in the new industries. But how many people who were employed as sales clerks in a rental store will have had the skill set to go and work at an online streaming company?


With a little thought and research you will find many more jobs that have been impacted or disappeared altogether.


Can you honestly say your chosen career field is safe until you retire?

Be that 5 years, 10 years, 40 years?


Developing the affiliate marketing skill set may just add a level of future financial security to your life

Affiliate Marketing As A Full Time Income


The fifth and final aspect is learning the skill set in order to perform affiliate marketing to replace your job altogether.


There are plenty of people making a full time living, some are making fortunes, from affiliate marketing.


So it is perfectly feasible to set up an income stream via affiliate products. Once your job income is replaced, either work full time on scaling up your affiliate income or use the extra time to create other online ventures.

I have written multiple articles on this topic and have listed a few examples below.




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Don’t forget to bookmark the what is affiliate marketing home page!

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